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Tagged Pewter Z71 Columbia


Full Member
Jul 1, 2002
Columbia, SC
Tagged a Pewter Z71 in Columbia South Carolina. ?Well, actually gave it to him. ?He asked where I got my billet grill and it all went to Avalanche Fan Club from there. ?Now I know a Pewter AV in Columbia.


We were both at Advance Auto looking for stuff for our AV! ;D
I was at a diner this morning that happens to be next to a chevy dealer. ?Well to make a long story short I didnt want to park in the diners lot ?because it was busy so I parked in the chevy dealers lot. ? HE WAS CLOSED ?but I figured the truck would feel at home on a sunday morning. ?ANYWAY there were two people looking at my Av thinking it was a custom job the dealer had for sale. ? So we were talking and told them to check out the fan club. People are amazed that it even exists.