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Talked To Owner Of Pewter 03 Z77


SM 2003
Full Member
Nov 14, 2002
Columbia South Carolina
I was at the carwash today at lunch and while my AV was being dried, in drives a pewter Z77, and of course I had to go have a talk with him >:D Well we talked for a little while and it seems that the city of Columbia has a nice bill for a new paint job on his AV, as he had tar from road work being performed all over his nice new truck :8: While the city is going to pay to have his AV repainted back to the original color, I still felt a bit :6: because a fellow AV'er had to go though something like this. Oh by the way he said he would be checking out our site, and I hope he does, as he seemed like a real nice fellow.

Big Dog
BigDog1967 said:
Okay my goof up ?:2: ?I meant a Z71 ?:p

Good to see you noticed it from IRMO. I thought Wiki
would mention it in his SPECIAL WAY. How about Pigeon
Forge next Saturday for our "LIVE FEED" party?

Wiki is bringing his tutu. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Clean one I'm told.
Region II may never be the same. >:D >:D >:D >:D