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Tell Me The Avalanche Is Good For Me And My Bikes



I'm REALLY into getting an Av, but being a motorcycle guy, it would be great if I could cart around my street bikes once in a while.

QUESTION: with the midgate down, can the Avalanche carry a street motorcycle, or even two?

Please tell me yes, because if it can, the deal is done!! Not only that, I will post picks of the truck and bikes when I get it!! :B:
Yes, I have carried my Silverado 1600, FZ1 and Have gotten my kids bike (2) on.

You can also have the mid-gate up, as long as you have a full track completely under the bike. You will most likely need an extra set of hand for this one, as you need to strap down the front end before you get off it.

Gene - are you on the FZ1 owners association web site? (FZ1 Owners Association). Also, if you attach the tie down straps to the Av hooks and lay them in the bed you should be able to bend over while sitting on the bike and grab them and then attach them without getting of the bike. Works for me.
I carry a bike in the bed all the time. As a matter of fact, I remember carrying a big ass RC51 and a 250f at the same time.
I have a combo bed extender/ramp that helps. It's called a Ready-Ramp and is advertised in Cycle News
Half-breed, YES I was... Real good site isn't it.

I sold the fizzy though, ?:-[ :-[, couldn't pass up the offer I was made almost Double what I got it for.

As to doing it your self, no problem as long as you are comfortable doing it and your size allows you to.

G. ;D