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Thanks Alot Mr. Dealer



After MANY weeks of searching for the perfect AV for me, I finally found it. 2002, Indigo Blue, leather, all the options, exactly the way I wanted it. It didnt have the assist steps, but thats okay because I didnt want them anyways. The dealer that I was going through was getting it from another dealer and was supposed to deliver it in a few days. As you can imagine I was EXTREMELY excited!!

Two days before I am supposed to pick up my AV, I get a message to call him regarding important news on my AV. It seems that as they were driving the truck from one dealer to the other, the hood flew open and crumpled up around the sides and totally scratched the hood all to hell. As you can imagine I was quite upset. Because the dealer was a friend of mine he told me about the incident instead of trying to fix it and get it to me anyways. He told me that his boss actually wanted him to do that, but he told him NO WAY!! So now I am searching for another AV the way I want it, but thats not so easy to do. Oh well......I'm sure I'll find one soon. I NEED MY AVALANCHE!!
Maybe that was a sign that that one wasn't the one for you and that there's a better one out there for you.

Good luck on your search!

I'm not sure about the gm.com site but the gmcanada site has some pretty good features for searching for units at different dealers. How about Autobytel or such?
Ugh . . . that would tend to make a person a tad grumpy. Kudos to your friend at the dealer for not trying to pass off the damaged vehicle.

Good luck with your search - you'll get your Av!
Our Chevy dealer here still has 9 2002 AV's sitting on his lot, but we're a long way from NY!!
I drove By Groth Bros in Livermore CA this morning and they have about 10 different 2002 AVs sitting on the lot. I know this doesn't help you but if there are others in CA looking this might be of some help to them.

Good Luck on your search. :B:
Thanks guys for your kind words. Ya know its funny.....I have no problem finding an Avalanche at a dealer.....its just finding the one exactly the way I want it is the trick. Oh well....the search continues. ;D
Actually got some good news today. Found out that from now until July 31st, there is 0 % financing available. If I had gotten the AV when I was supposed to, I'd be paying 2.9%, so I guess its actually a good thing that this happened huh?
I know how you feel. They finally found my truck at a dealership in a very small town in PA. no one in my area had what I wanted.... but, I held out and I have enjoyed every minute of the truck. :cool:
coach did you try Denooyer in albany,ny they had 20 + AV's maybe 1 might match what your looking for.
Glad I waited! I love my new AV. It's not the color I thought I wanted, but the more I have the black, the more I love it!!! I dont mind washing it every other day...it pays off with all the looks I get as I pass by!!