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Thanks for the help (Broke down at the Nationals)


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Our son (AVtailgater)and his wife broke down at the Nationals. They were not in a Avalanche but had a diesel VW. It made it down over 600 miles just fine but when they tried to start it later that evening to drive to dinner it would only run for a couple of seconds and "shut off" Between several members and the help from GOOGLE I took my son to order the part and he got it running. Happy to report that they made it home with no issues! The problem ended up being a bad relay that controls the ecm.

Some of the members who helped:

      BigC Mich
and anyone else I may have missed....
Again thank you whether you turned a wrench, hook up your electrical tester or provided advice you helped get him going and saved us from having to tow him 600 miles!



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I'm glad it was just the relay and they were able to get him up and running again.