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Thanks Guys!!


Full Member
May 14, 2002
Halton Hills, Ontario
Just a short note to say thanks. You guys have done a great job in calming any fears that I had with my Avalanche purchase. I'am greatful that I have found this truely great forum. Hopefully, I will be taking delivery next week.

Thanks once again! ;D

Congrats Scott - let us know when your Av arrives!
You've made a great choice!
Well, like I said I was also glad I found this site before I picked mine up.

The description of issues allowed me to make an informed inspection before I signed the papers.

Good luck.

Welcome to the neighborhood . . .

Wish I'd found this forum before I bought mine. I probably would have still purchased what I did, but I could have gone into the process a bit more informed than I was.

Let us know when you get your Av!