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Thanks to John and Scott


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Feb 2, 2005
Spring Hill
I would like to thank Scott and John for all their hard work on this big event.? I know that you all know how much time, effort and sleepless nights that have gone into making MCM a huge success (even if it did rain).? I also know by the smiles in all the pictures just how much fun it has been for everyone.?

You guys are the best and can't possibly know how many lives you have touched all over the country with all your efforts, kindness and giving spirit.

Love you Both and thank you for all the wonderful memories you have helped make! :love: :love:

I was unable to attend but boy I wish I was. The pictures really help us see the good time being had by all. Thank you for a great job.
I was also unable to attend, but just looking at the "Loot List" leaves me with no doub that a LOT of hard work was put into this GTG by the two of you as well as many, many others, and for that, I say  :yourock:

I'd like to throw in my thanks too  :wave:  You guys put tons of effort into these GTG's and it shows.  Great Job once again  :cool:

thank you doesn't even come close to what I want to say to these guys.  this has to be the greatest GTG ever!!!  people all the way from New England to California and from Florida to Michigan and nearly everywhere in between.  We all had our own reasons for wanting to be here, but with these two guys and all of their hard work, it wouldn't have been possible. 

thank you Scott and John. 
Thanks Scott & John, they just keep getting better!

John and Scott,

Once again, you guys did a wonderful job. The MTAC event keeps getting better, year after year, and you guys are to thank for that. Without your hard work, none of this would be possible.
Ditto ditto ditto!!!  You guys did a SPECTACULAR job!!!  The rain really didn't hinder anything, except a few mods, but hey we can get those done at another time or in some cases they got done anyway!!  Thank you just seems so lame for what I want to say.  It was MY pleasure to attend this GTG and it was MY PLEASURE to meet EQ, Aftershock, and Widow!  Can't wait to see you all again! 
I just got back home, I will say it was fantastic I really enjoyed myself despite the rain. Gentlemen thanks again.
Thank you again for a JOB WELL DONE!  This was my second GTG that I have attended put on by John & Scott.  GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!!

I'll add a much obliged as well. I stated in another post that this was my first BIG g2g, and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. Before I joined this club, I never did much of anything. Working constantly, while my coworkers took off and did all the fun family things everyone does during the summer, seemed to be all there was going to be for me. Things have so drastically changed for me in the last few months. Now, I have made new friends, and learned so much and had more fun than I ever thought I'd ever have. MCM was only the beginning. I've got lots of things to look forward to..and I'd thought those days were over for me. Thanks John and Scott for putting together this event that will never be forgotten. It was my honor and pleasure to be in attendance.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  What a weekend!  Too much fun, I need a couple days off of work to recover  >:D  I have heard all about Southern hospitality, but you guys went above and beyond.  Thanks again for everything!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! This was truly a great time! You both, along with AfterShock and Widow, did an outstanding job! This was my first big GTG and it did not disappoint! You had a lot of great events lined up for us and there was even some time to just hang out and get to meet people. Thanks for allowing us to come visit with you and 150 or so of your closest family members for a few days!

Now...take a vacation and relax!
I want to thank Scott and John for helping me feel welcome at my first GTG. Even though I am new, I can tell you that this was a professionally run event. Lots for everyone to do, great prizes, and everything went well.
I can't wait for the next one! I'm sure y'all could use a break for a while. Just let me know if I can help with the next one.
I have to say "ditto" with all the replies before me. I don't think a GTG will ever be topped from that one. But then again, we are talking about John and Scott, so I won't put anything past you guys! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
John and Scott
What can I say the event was outstanding! You guys did a wonderful job with coordinating the event. You all went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had a great time. The hotel, the dinner, the events and lets not forget all the prizes. This is one everyone will remember for a long time to come. You guys deserve a big thanks from all of us.

Also to the family?s. I know that the event had to take up a big part of John and Scott?s time and that your homes were turned into a MCM warehouses. For you all to put up with everything you deserve a big thanks too.   
There are no words to thank you two enough!!!  You guys were so organized and thought of every little detail to make the weekend WONDERFUL!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!  :yourock:

Thanks for all the hard work y'all put in...we all really appreciate it!!

And everyone should be worried about Earthquake being eligible for voting at the next GTG too. That's one fine example of an Av!!!
Thanks - you guys!  This was my first big event with the Avalanches and as someone said prior to this post - very professional.  I have been to many conferences that weren't as organized!  Outstanding job guys.
I can't come up with the words to thank you all enough. You both did a fantastic good!!! The GTG's you do just keep getting better. It takes special people to take on such a huge GTG... and then to pull it all off the way you did is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :love:

We had a awesome time and can't wait to do it again.  :B:
bonesaw said:
Thanks guys,

This has been by far the best GTG I've been to yet . . . even if I don't remember parts of it.

The missing pieces can often be found by perusing the appropriate police reports :)
You make me proud to say I live in TN. You brought friends together that might not have ever met otherwise. That's the best gift you could ever give and for that we say thanks.