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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
We're quickly becoming one of the hottest automotive sites on the web. How do I know? Well I have proof!

Nothing shows the health of a website better than page views. Lots of page views = lots of visitors. Period.

So ads were started a little more than a week ago and I think I've done a good job of giving it top billing without being in your face. Well the company serving the ads is Burst Media.

Now Burst Media has a gallery of sites that work with them - and of course we're in that gallery. Now you move up through the ranks of the gallery as you serve more pages. Ahhhhhh, but here is the important part - the data is always based on the first of the month and averaged, not the total pages served the previous day. That means because ads started mid-month for this site the results are a bit skewed.

Take a visit to:


Click on "Automotive" and take a look in the 30's. Yup, there we are. As of this morning number 38 out of 110, without a full month of data!

Now click on "Manufacturers" and take a look in the high teens. Yup, there we are again, number 13 out of 31. Again without a full month of data!

Thanks for making this a great site, and thanks to the folks at Burst Media we can make some strong claims about our exploding growth on the web!
It's truly amazing, but I didn't doubt it for one second that we wouldn't grow as big as where getting...this is only the beginning....fasten your seat belts folks it's going to be a wild ride.... :cool: :eek: :D
Hey Chief . . .

On the burstmedia site - click automotive, then TRUCKS

WE'RE #4 !!!!

Impressive indeed!

I would have to agree with everyone else in saying - Thanks to you!

Great job and great website!