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The Avalanche Name And The Hockey Team?


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Sep 12, 2002
I've been wondering.

Do you think the Avalanche sells more units in Colorado than it would under a different name?

Do you think the Avalanche would sell more units in the Detroit area under a different name?

Silly questions on the surface, but think about some of the nutty things die-hard sports fans have been known to do. I think the answer to both questions is YES, the numbers would be different. Probably only by a few though.
Funny you should mention that. Everytime I do a search on Ebay for "Avalanche" I get a lot of hockey memorabilia. You can't help but look at the logos. I live in Carolina Hurricane country though. Maybe they should of called it the Hurricane? :D Naw, I like Avalanche. How about Grizzly? Name your othe hockey teams fellas! :0:
I know what you mean about doing a search on ebay for Avalanche. It would help if people knew how to spell C H E V R O L E T ........
Well, that to me is a tough question to answer. I'd say the answer is yes and no. The Avalanche is the perfect vehicle for Colorado. They would sell well no matter what. The hockey team here isn't the only thing with the name Avalanche. The craze for snow has a lot of things named Avalanche here. They have probably sold a few more AV's around here with that name than with another because of their craze for the hockey team but it's certainly not a significant difference at all.

Now there are a few marketing strategies here because of the AV name. When we were looking at AV's, in all honesty, a dealership was trying to sell Avalanches for $4000 over MSRP because the hockey team was the World Champs :eek:. Also, there is a Colorado Avalanche special edition :B: Avalanche. The Avalanche was meant to sell well here and they're doing everything they can to make that possible. It's working too even though it doesn't really show with the low number of members on this site from CO.
Does anyone have any pictures of the Avalanche "Special Edition"?? I have looked and have not found anything. How about my "Colorado friends sending me some pic's or a brochure?? I will pay you for it if you have one!!

I live in Connecticut and I am a HUGE fan of the Colorado Avalanche and I was at Game 7 in Denver to see them win "The Cup"

I have a 2003 Avalanche on order and when I first saw it with all the plastic I thought "Too much plastic"!!
But the look has really grown on me and I am now completely going bonkers and driving my wife crazy in the process to get the "Monster" and spend some time cruising and modding...

It is truly a great site


GMAN...I saw the Av special edition in Denver this summer. It was nothing that exciting. Same AV with a couple of well placed stickers that identified it as a "special edition/team logo." However, if you're a big fan of the team, this would be a big deal. :cool:
Yeah, all it is is a sticker in the upper left hand corner of the tailgate that has the Avalanche team logo then "Limited Edition". Then a round logo on each side (where the TNF badging is which is behind the back doors) with the Avalanche team logo.

It's not that big of a deal but in my mind, you still have to be a big AVs fan to have this badging. I'm an AVs fan but I wouldn't care to have their badging on my truck.