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The Avy is gone.


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Jan 19, 2002
Seymour Indiana
Well I hate to say it but the o3 2500 Avalanche is gone. Trader her in for a 2007 White 900T Platform 2500 Crewcab Longbed Duramax/Allison setup. I was thinking classic 800T but decided I needed an interior change. Same inside for 5 or so years. Can't remember if the two 2002 I had was like 2003 interior or not other than the embroider seats. Anyways I had my local dealer print out ones around in the area and over the weekend I decided on at least one. Called Monday and by noon they said they were going after it Tuesday. The driver was back late so seen it in the back lot Wednesday morning. Started it up and sounded so sweet. After work gave it a test drive and signed Thursday. Added on a new product that was no going to need me to wax it for 5 years. I said I was leaving Saturday for Florida. No problem They rushed through Friday morning. Quit about noon and started loading for Florida. Saturday morning off to Florida.

So 10 days later and 2250 miles it is a dream. I thought I would regret the lose of the Avy but not as bad as with draws as expected. One day I will get another and if lucky the one i traded in.

Left the sail panel LEDs intact other than it is unplugged from the wiring harness I made. Left the stainless letters and 8100 decals on her. Also the yellow driving lights and painted engine cowl cover was left as well. Oh yeah pictures of her for memories. Everything else off. About a 4 hour job with what I had on her. One reason I was not in a hurry to trade. I knew the work I put into her.

Oh by the way Butch I am taking 2 weeks off of work. 10 down and 6 to go. Longest time off of work since back in 94 when I was off 3 weeks between layoff to next job on the bench. Actually I could have gone back the next day but said I needed time off. Had been working 7 years before with little off time between jobs if any.

I will pop in from time to time and keep uptodate with the Avy seen. Maybe pop in a few local meets.

It been fun fellow Avalanchers.
WOW! Yes, surprise us and drive that beast to a GTG soon we want to see it!
How many MPG does it get, I bet it is a lot better than those big Avalanches you drove!

I haven't really did an accurate test but I am close to 18 to 19 while running 70 to 75 miles.
I did 480 miles and filled up 21.5 gallons. I thinking it would of held another couple of gallons. But just rounded of to even 10 incerment. Fuel is running about $2.91 but today near the Magic Kingdom I seen it for $2.70 something. Same for gasoline roughly. Why I do not know.

It is nice down here. About near 90 but not as humid as could be. Evenings are nice about 74 and no humidity. Only issue is the random smoke that rolls in from the Geargia wildfire. Drove about 80 or so miles through the smoke from it going down I-75. Dealer must of poured on the tire shine. Slung all over the sides of it. Not noticed before because it was clear but hitting the smoke darked it up. That is my guess as to what it was. Been all over this state from Inverness to Tampa and back. Down to Fort Lauderdale to Homestead back to Fort Lauderdale and back to Naples and now in Orlando for the rest of my vacation to really rest up. The earlier cities are all the family down here. lots of running. Hated living out of the suitcase. Finally here in Orlando I could get them out.

Oh well some time at the pool tomorrow, Sea World and finally Animal Kingdom on Friday. Then home Saturday. Oil changed scheduled Monday. I figure I will be having close to 3500 miles before it is over in two weeks.

I seen the other post on rioting in the prison system there. Glad to be 900 plus miles away. But my next big job to run is a jail expansion at the Bartholmew County in Columbus, In. About a two year job but so far is about 6 months into and have not needed me to start the underground plumbing yet. But will be soon after I get back.

Yes I will try to make it to some future eats Butch. I doubt I will stop by on the way home this weekend at the Nashville GTG. It was this weekend I thought.


Sorry about the loss of the Avy but congrats on the new toy!!

Did you pull the sliderout of the Avy and the inverter?

You had one of the ruggedest sliders going...  I got several good ideas from it.

Enjoy your time off...

Drop by anytime...


Yeah took the slide out box and inverter out. Removing most of the wiring I had for it was about an hour job. Haven't decide whether to get a flipup bed cover and then use the slide in box in there or go get a toolbox. But cannot decide on the style of toolbox but will be an aluminum one. Trying to figure out if I make use of the cargo management system in the bed to slide the box from front to back. Inverter will just probably be placed in the toolbox and use some high capicity quick plugs salvage from the job off some old diecart movers.

Why guys back to vacation in the sun.