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The Best $12 Mod For Your Center Console


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Have a 2002 Avalanche with the center console? Hate the bottomless pit, which eventually turns into a trash heap? Wish there was a way to organize it better?

Well I've seen the light! After ordering part number 12496041, the Flooor Console Liner, I concluded two things.

1) Shame on Chevrolet for just not including this puppy in the first place with your center console.

2) It's the best darn $12 - $15 mod that is out there for your Avalanche's console - bar none!

First - let's look at the bottomless pit. Now at first blush this is a good thing. Lots of room, LOTS of room for just about anything. But there are no dividers sans for change so if you're like most people that room turns into a trash heap of jumbled up stuff. You know, you need that one thing right away buried at the bottom and the next you know you've turned that console inside out.


Next, lets look at part number 12496041. This is a tray made by the General specifically designed to slide into the center console. It fits snug so there is no rattling, although I did leave the no slip liner in the bottom just in case. The tray divides your console into two sections. A smaller rear section that takes advantage of the height. The forward section has holders for CD's, tapes, or as shown both. Between the two it makes a HUGE difference in keeping things organized.


Tada! Here you go. The tray is slipped into the center console and suddenly that bucket of mess is organized and stuff is easy to find. Further I can remove the tray at any time if I need more room, or heaven forbid I spill something down in there. I still have full access to the tray holder and there are no seams around the edge. It's a flush fit. There is even enough room for a phone book as you can notice! Between this and the well designed inside storage on the lid for pens, notepads, and tissues - well it's the perfect console. Sure wish the General had included it.


Sorry, don't know the part number for the 2003 Avalanche but this tray won't be compatible due to the wider size. I paid a hair more than $12 for it from DeLillo Chevrolet, our site sponsor.
Now that is a cool little mod I like that easy to take all the crap into the house to sort that way ;D

Nice Find - I'll order one tomorrow - makes a ton of sense for an '02.

Thanks ;D

hey! i just got 15 bucks today! i'll go order one right now. >:D thanks for this "cheap" find.

Guess I'll be stopping by the Chevy dealer tomorrow! ;D



Thanks for the picture! I had been wondering what the part was like and couldn't find out anything. Ordering we go! I think I'll take out the Dremel and cut a hole in the center divider for a handle to lift it out.
Cool, maybe now I can segregate all the cd's..pens..pads...napkins...and whatever else I have in there all out.....your right that thing was like a bottomless pit....just sort of gathers stuff....over time.. :B:
Finally! :B: Gee, they could have thrown this sucker in new, couldn't they?

A solution to my problem. Everything must be in its place!

I tried to rig up my own little deal with baskets, etc, but it just didn't work. My center console doesn't have to look like my junk drawer anymore!

Good going, Chief (y)
Well, I just got back from the dealer. I should have ordered it from Delillo! $24.95 + tax and I still have to wait 3 days for it! I won't make that mistake again!
I'm a bench seat guy and don't have the "bottomless pit" that you bucket guys experience. I do have a question though... and thought that maybe rather than starting a new thread I could include it here. In my center console, it says: "CDs" with an arrow. Now... for the life of me, I can't figure out how to fit a CD case anywhere in the console. Did they just use the same bottom from a deeper unit?? Help! Am I missing something? Thanks!

Hey thanks for the heads up on this. I will try to get one ASAP.

BTW Are those cassette tapes. I haven`t seen one of those in years. I probably have 150 under the couch in the den that never get used any more. They are gonna be like those old 33 1/3rpm discs one of these days.(I probably have 25 old records too, cd`s=200+?) :cool:
This has to be the best thing since sliced bread.
Agree that the General should have included it.

I don't have the bottomless pit liner, just junk on top of plastic. Does anyone have the P/N for the liner?
olsontru said:
This has to be the best thing since sliced bread.
Agree that the General should have included it.

I don't have the bottomless pit liner, just junk on top of plastic. ?Does anyone have the P/N for the liner?

Floor console liner is 12496041, per the Chief.
Heh heh heh, figure someone somewhere at GM is going to be scratching there head in another month or two going, what the heck was the spike on the ordering of the floor console liner?
Hey Chief,
After 30 years at GM, I can tell you, there are always alot of people walking around scratching their heads. Thanks for the cheap mod.
Took a ride to my dealer this morning, gave him the part number and he came back with a price of $38.50 :eek: so I told him I could get it for 15-20 bucks. Suddenly the price changed to $22, should have it in 3 days.

He also asked how I got the part #, so I just had to tell him all about CAFC and tag him. ;D
AVid said:
Hey Chief,
? ? After 30 years at GM, I can tell you, there are always alot of people walking around scratching their heads. Thanks for the cheap mod.

Well it does seem to be that some of the people scratching their heads are leaving...Oh well, are you still at GM? I am at PCC... ;D

see ya
$38.50?!?! :8: Man do dealers that try to rip off customers REALLY piss me off. The Chevrolet Avalanche 2002 Accessories catalog lists this puppy as $22.00 - that's the full retail markup max. I wouldn't pay one penny over that. :8:

Dealers that try to rip customers off just want to make me :D:

OK, I'm done ranting. :0: Of course maybe the price is going up because CAFCNA members are causing a shortage. :2:
I know that this is an inexpensive component, but anyone think we could do better yet with a GROUP BUY ???

I would be in so quick.... ? ? >:D ?
My dealer quoted me $22. I tried GM Parts Direct and they had it for $15 but there was a $7 delivery charge. So I'm going with the dealer down the street.
Take your 12 bucks and go buy a case of Bud.
Fits perfect in the console!