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The Best Chevy Dealer


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May 28, 2002
Floresville, TX
I went over to Ontario, OR today and I went to Hanigan Motor Company to look at a Dark Green Met. North Face Edition AV and the Sales Manager Terry Cox is the niced person I have met at any dealership the green Av was a little dusty and he said well lets go get this washed so you can get some good pics then he said well why don't you drive most dealers would let me drive because of my age (the 2003 is very nice) after it was all done he said let me get some pics of you standing in front of it after I was done he told me to tell you guys to talk to him and he will make club members a good deal

Here is a pic of the Avalanche I looked at with me standing on the running bord


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I work at a dealership here and we are nice but I stop at several dealers when I go out of town most of them don't treat me with respect one dealership ask me why was I driving an AV he said at my age I sould be driving a Ford POS :7:.
Nice to see they were being so customer oriented if you will...too bad some of the other dealerships couldn't learn a thing or to...from your dealership mentioned... :B:

Some of the other guys have problems dealing with issues they are responsible for.....sad... :B:
Way to go, AvaLance. I know what you are talking about. There is a large CHevy dealership within a mile of my house. We won't even go in there for the parts department. I am sure there are some people who work there. 99% of those we had contact with gave us more than enough reasons to never drive onto their lot again.

On the other hand, the dealer we did buy from has bent-over-backwards for us. Very friendly, low pressure and they actually remember us even though we have only been there 4 times now. We take time off from work specifically to take our AV there for its tune ups and oil changes. It is worth the 1/2 hour drive each way.