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The Cruise to Louisville........


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
We are having The Louisville GTG on Aug the 25th and since many of us are traveling down from Central Indiana I thought I would start a thread so we can cruise down together. Didit suggested a time schedule of:

ok working backwards this is what it looks like

Tour? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 11am

Parking lot? ? ? ?10am

Seymour? ? ? ? ? 9am

Indy? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?7:45am

Anderson? ? ? ? ?7am

It sounds somewhat reasonable (a little early for us old retired folks) and I think we can make it. I will be coming from near Anderson, The Mox from Greenfield and Didit from Indianapolis. We will be picking up Tanc Crusher in Seymour. Anyone else want to plan to cruise down together?

I will let Didit post a place to meet but I suspect it will be on the south side of Indy near 465 & 65 on Saturday morning at 7:45.

We are susposed to get our own breakfast before that and then Didit says he will bring some donuts and juice for the short layover in Seymour. THE DONUTS ARE TO BE SERVED IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE LOUISVILLE SLUGGER MUSEUM before we take the tour.

Sound like a plan? Want to join us? Just post in this thread, we may not wait on you but hey, if you show up you sure can cruise down with us!? :love: Also if you want to PM me your cell number we may give you a wake-up call if you are not there..............


To add to that - if anyone is coming from West, or Southwest Indiana, we could meet up along Interstate 64 somewhere.  I'm coming from Jasper and plan on leaving here around 7:30 CDT (8:30 EDT).

We are meeting with The Mox at exit 46 off of I 460 at the Steak and Shake. From there we will meet Didit at exit 49A and head on to I 65 south. The next stop will be at Seymour to meet with Tanc Crusher and then on to Louisville! Anyone wanting to meet up let us know.