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The Journey To Av Ownership


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Dec 13, 2002
Columbus, Ohio
Have to confess that when I first saw an Avalanche it looked (to be generous) rather peculiar to me. Upon closer inspection, I was astonished by its versatility and value. I started shopping seriously for one in February 2002. Today it finally arrived!

I stumbled upon this site not long after it was established and have lurked here for months, just soaking up all knowledge and advice contributed by all.
This is indeed a valuable resource and proved a temendous benefit to me. I would like to thank everyone for their help.

Starting last summer, I made a number of abortive attempts to buy but could never strike the right deal (in large part due to being upside down on my trade). When GM threw an extra $1000 "holiday cash" on the table last week, I decided to try one last time to find a new 2002 Av.

I spent last Saturday fruitlessly trying to strke a deal with a couple of stores here in Central Ohio where, it appears, there is very little real price competition. The next day, in what was a final roll of the dice, I sent e-mails to a number of dealers in the NE part of the state (as that area had the most remaining '02s). Finally got a couple of favorable quotes.

While the deal eventually made was, perhaps, not as good as those struck by some other members, it was the best I could do in Ohio. Here are the numbers:

MSRP - $38,366, purchase price - $32,866 financed at 0% for 60 months and I pocketed the $1000 holiday cash. Plus, my trade was valued about $1000 higher than by anyone else. Bottom line was a deal at least $2000 better overall than offered by any other dealer in the Columbus area. It does, indeed, pay to shop around.

I would very highly recommend the selling dealer - Ferris Chevrolet in New Philadephia, Ohio. Their Internet manager, Ron Bigler, provided straight talk and numbers without any games.

Oh, and last of all. I had looked and looked for a Z-71 with a 4.10 rear axle. Only found two and one is now sitting in my driveway!

Again, thanks to you all and Happy Holidays.
First off, welcome to the club ;D Second, congrats on your new arrival (y) Are you planning any mods? Have you looked into any chapters to join? The NE Ohio and WV Chapters have several GTG's planned and more in the works. Here is our website: NE Ohio and WV CHapters

Again, welcome to the club ;D ;D
Congrats to both of you.

Tribal now that you have your AV will have to get the gang together and plan a GTG for after the 1st.
Thanks very much, endeavorc. Yes, I had noted your chapter and it appears to be the only one close so I will be in touch as I am in NEO on a somewhat regular basis. Even 30 years ago when I was driving GTOs and the like I was not too keen on mods so it will stay pretty much stock except maybe for some amber running lights.

Congrats to you too, Tribal. I am not only trying to figure out all the gadgets but also demonstrate them to my 12 year old. They seem a great source of entertainment to her!

Funny thing - my last car (a PT Cruiser) received mixed reviews from my children but both have been wowed by the Av.
I will be in Columbus, along with my AV for a couple days after Christmas, visiting relatives. If you see a blue Z-71 AV with either Maryland Temp. tags (or I may have my Virginia tags by then) Give a wave!
Plans to do the club sticker and amber DRL's, but probably not until after the holidays.

Enjoy the new ride!
Congrats Tribal ;D ;D (y)

I am sure that everyone will befinding out just how much fun GTG's are.

Look forward to seeing you Tri-C

Welcome, glad to hear that you were finally successful in bagging your Av., and that the NEO dealer was able to help.

I look forward to seeing you at some of our GTG's. It has been interesting to me that to date the NEO Chapter has not a single member with a White Av. Nor has there been a single White Av at either of our first two GTG's.

You could be the one to break down that barrier. Plan on joining with us at one of our GTG's and meet lot's of really nice folks.

Hope to see you soon.

Congradulations on your new Av. I test drove the '03 and I too was fasinated by all of the widgits. It doesn't take long to get familiar with all of those new toys and you'll be navigating like a pro and ready to start modding.
Congrats Tri-C on the new addition to the family and I've got no doubt that you've got a heap of fun ahead of you. I guess as you have been on the site since Feb then you have already been bitten by the mod bug, so keep us up to date with all those mods.

Congrats again. (y)
Congrats to both of you guys. You have joined a very special group. We drive the highways and biways, always looking for a fellow AV fan and owner. Watch for the amber DRLs and give a big thumbs up when you meet. Start the mod thing, all the info is on this site...
Congrats to both of you. You couldn't have picked a better vehicle or club!

Remember to always keep a camera with you because this is one club that loves photos!

A very special day it must have been for you Tribal and Tri-c.....the day you picked up delivery must have been an unforgettable one....congrats on your new Av's....and all that you hoped for ...now with Christmas right around the corner...I'm sure you'll be asking for some Av accessories...as so many members I'm sure will....good luck ...it's time to play... (y) :B:
Yes, dmacker, I saw there were no white Avs in your beautiful photo montage - maybe I can change that.

NJAV, I never get what I ask for at Christmas. So...just got back from the Chevy dealer picking up (and ordering more) accessories! Sure am lucky their parts department is open until midnight.