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Theoretical Brand Loyalty Question-Ford Avalanche


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Dec 9, 2002
Just curious. Everyone one here obviously loves the Avalanche. :love: I was wondering the extent of brand loyalty to Chevy. If the Avalanche wore a Ford nameplate would you still have bought it? ???

How about a Toyota Avalanche? Honda Avalanche, Dodge Avalanche, Mitsubishi Avalanche, Nissan Avalanche...Is there a manufacturer you would avoid, even if they made this vehicle which we all obsess about?
Not me, my dad works on the line at the GM plant here in Arlington, TX.....so I have GM loyalty. I woulda bought one had it of been Chevy, GMC, Cadillac (Ok, so they have the EXT), Pontiac, or something else they get discounts on...


I would have considered it. I have owned something from all the major brands (and some of the obscure ones too!)

Actually I had avoided Chevy (and GM by extension) for almost 20 years because of an extraordinarly bad experience I had with a Chevy car. The functionality of the Avalanche was the 1st thing that sold me. I then waited a while to see how well the truck seemed to be holding up before I bought one (I bought the last 2002 on the dealer's lot)

Now, the Chevy car bad experience has slipped to #2; the worst car I ever owned was a Chrysler Cirrus - so if the Avalanche was a Chrysler product I would be leery!
I wouldn't be too particular who made it. If the end price hade been closer I may very well have bought a Dodge Quad Cab. Really wanted that HEMI!! But with GMS discount pricing and GM Card rebates, had to stay GM. Matter of fact I probably would have bought a Suburban if the price had been close.
I was able to secure a GM family discount which limited my selection. I do not have anything against the other automakers I just was looking for the best deal on a full size SUV/Truck.
Would only stick with GM .... Got to have that GM Discount ..... If no GM Av. then would have been a Trailblazer or a Chevy/GMC Full size Crew Cab 4x4 ....

Hate the Fords ... they complain about how plasticy the chevys look but geeze ... got a guy here at work who owns a Taurus .... Someone what to explain to me what is so great about that car? .... l think it looks fugly! .... and I would hate for the radio to go out .... air conditioning unit and radio as one .... what is the price on that part? ..... ouch ..... I'll take GM anyday over Ford ..... and for Dodge blak! ..... I'd be in the repair shop more that on the road with the RAM .... Brother-in-law tells me a story of two guys he worked with that owned Rams ..... both bent the frame and rear box on the truck going over railroad tracks .... not a pretty sight .....
If the Av had not been Chevy, I would still be driving my 2000 extended cab Silverado. I loved that truck. Still think it was a better looking truck than my Avalanche.
We bought the Av for a few reasons:

1) My wife wanted an SUV
2) I wanted a Truck
3) We get GMS Discount
4) It is a GREAT LOOKING vehicle

If it was a Ford we wouldn't have gotten the discount, but everything else would have been met. I guess we still may have bought it depending on price. One other factor is based on reliablility. Everyone I know that has owned a GM truck has been very happy.

Opinions are opinions . . . so here goes:

Dodge - no - real or perceived reliability problems.

Ford - probably yes - even though I'm a 'Chevy guy' the Av's functionality probably would have won out.

Foreign brands - probably not - I will 'buy American' - what ever exactly that means these days :rolleyes:
Tree_Hugger said:
I fell in love with the vehicle, not the nameplate...
How silly can you be!

First let me say, Great question!

I agree with Tree_Hugger, I love the Av. I don't care who came out with it I would have bought it.

I do have brand loyalty, I've owned 8 vehicles and all of them have been Chevys. I did almost buy an X-Terra when they first came out, the only thing that stopped me was that the Nissan dealer would not give me enough money for my Chevy Truck as a trade, instead I got a Blazer.

I personally always have liked the GM style. Ford did get better when they redesigned the F 150 (around 2000 I think?)

Can you imagine a Honda Avalanche :rolleyes: I'm glag GM did it ;D

I'd stay away from Nissan and Mitsubishi!

Assuming that it is built on a very well established base for reliability & durability (Chevy Suburban), and an okay dealer repair cost, I'd consider:

o 1st choice would be the Mercedes or BMW or Audi AV for the exotic mystic; dream on - this is impossible for the price!

o 2nd choice would be Land Rover AV - likewise impossible for the price.

The following are more likely pricewise:

o 3rd choice would be the Toyota AV for maybe $50K

o 4th would be the Honda AV for maybe $45K

o 5th would be the Dodge or Chrysler or Ford AV for about the same money as the Chevy. I'd tend to shy away from Ford.

In the end I think that Chevy is one of a few car companies that can claim a successful run of full sized trucks, that can produce such a feaure rich vehicle at such a price. Okay my AV was $38K, and with trade and GM money and dealer discount I got it to $29K with all sales expenses, but the the Dodge, Chrylser, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda Merecedes, BMW, Audi MC or Visa credit card savingsa for a new car programs do not exist. This GM card may be seen as a competitive advantage and others may see it as a necessity to keep pace with stiff competition. I see it as $3k of savings, so yes I do have one eye on the money.

In the end the only car company that can produce the AV at this price is Chevy. Cadillac? But for $50k which I would not use as a real truck.
:D I firts started looking at the Dodge Durango, I still love the way it looks but after looking at how much more versatile the Avalanche is then a regular SUV the choice was clear. I love my 2500 Avalanche I think I may have been dissapointed if I had purchased the 1500.
I wouldn't have bought it then. We got our through a GMS program and so the money we saved was HUGE!

We would probably be driving a Suburban or an H2 instead of the AV if the AV was under a different maker.
I would have not even looked at it with another badge. My uncle was an engineer for GM, and have owned all Chevy and GM vehicles (the Av makes 1:cool: Tried a Ford once and had to put 3 trannys in it in 2 years, probably a glitch but that was enough to set me on Chevy.
That and the fact that all my trucks have had well over 150,000 on them when I got rid of them and still could pull a house down ;D
Once had a '92 3/4 ton that went 235,000 before it died.
If ifts were fifths we would all be drunk. I use to drive fords got tired of the ride and mileage. In 94 picked up a new 4x4 ext cab. It has 240000 miles on it and I still have it. Keep it at the cabin still drive it almost every weekend. This truck has never seen the inside of a chevy dealer for warranty work. One recall on seat bolts that never gave me a problem. So my answer would be chevy all the way.
nh_mark said:
Can you imagine a Honda Avalanche ?:rolleyes: ?I'm glag GM did it ?;D


Well imagine no more; my brother tells me Honda is gonna come out with a take-off of the Avalanche. I think he said that with their "midgate" closed, the cargo box is only about a foot-and-a-half. :rolleyes:
My loyalty is to the Av not the maker. I hate to admit it but this is the first GM vehicle I've every owned :-[ and I couldn't be happier with it.

Traded in a 2001 X-Terra for it, the wife drives a 98 Ford Mustang GT Conv which is a blast to drive and now she's considering a Cobra.
MMmmmmm... if it wasn't made by Chevrolet. Would it still have the Chevy 8.1 and the proven reliability. If the shape and size was all that the other manufacturer had, then no. It was the GM badge that hekped sell it to me. (y)
It's brand loyalty to us. We would never have bought anything similar from anyone else. If the Av didn't exist, the brand loyalty would have kicked in and we would have gotten a Silverado :).
Got my truck for $31k out the door (after rebates, discounts, and gm card points). No other brand can come close for this much truck and hp.