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There's An Avalanche In The Driveway!


SM 2005
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Aug 24, 2002
Dallas Texas
Took delivery of my Arrival Blue Z71 this evening! ;D
It's already got a US Flag Bowtie and will have amber
DRL's tomorrow.

It isa verry nice. All the bells and whistles except the
block heater and the DVD (wanted the sunroof).

Ordered it 8/22, Built 9/9 (or so) Delivered 9/23

The 1st time I sat in an 03 was mine this evening. As a
taller individual (6'3", tall upper body) one thing I noticed that was different than the 02 was that with the sunroom and, more importantly, the Bose speaker above my head, there was less headroom in the 03 than the 02...of course a simple seat adjustment made that a mute point.

No other observation at this point. The XM radio's cool.
Will post pictures when I can get some in the daylight!

Yeah! I'm officially in the club :B:

Happy Trails.

Now where is the camera get some pics of that bad boy. :cool: :cool: :cool:


Sounds like you were getting your mods together before you took delivery.

Now that's mod management.

Dallas said:
btw, what dealership did you use? ?I used Jupiter in Garland

I got mine from Frank Parra (although it's apparently been bought out by a large company - Sonic (not the
drive in place :) )) so I don't know what may change. I've bought from them before and had pretty good luck.
Time will tell though.
Happy Trails!
The Extreme said:

Sounds like you were getting your mods together before you took delivery.

Now that's mod management.


You have to do something for the month waiting for
that sucker to be delivered!
congrats,hope you enjoy it as much as i do.i have a indgo blue, hard to keep clean and the scratches off,but would'nt give it up for anything......well maybe a bran new one .enjoy all the attatention its great and fun.
I :love:my :B:AV
Congratulations TexAv!

Your driveway must be in Texas, eh?

Isn't it a great feeling to sit in that beautiful baby?

You may even want to take it for a drive! TeeHee

Welcome to the Av world!

Congrats on your new Av...I hope you have as much fun with it as we do.....post some pics soon so we can get a look at your new toy....have fun and enjoy... :B:
Congrats on your new AV now its time for MODS!!!
Cool!!! Keep an eye out for the DFW get togethers..usually 3rd week of each month. We haven't had a 2003 show up yet so it would be great to check out yours!
I'll keep an eye out. Finally got to take at least a couple of pics so here's one.


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Very Very Nice . . .

Welcome to the club . . . no better place to get involved as a new Av owner!

Enjoy your Av! :) :) :)