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Thump In Front When Releasing Breaks



I have a thump that comes from the front of the AV when I stop and then release off of the break to push on the gas. This thump only happens on the first 2 or 3 stops, I do not here it after that. I took it to the Dealer and they could not get it to duplicate. I left the shop and sure enough it Poped the first time. I told them that I thought it was a break pad that would not release they checked it our and said everything was normal. Could any-one tell me if they have had this noise and if so was it ever determind what it was.
Hooper, What year is your AV?

I have a 3 week old 2003 that seems to have this as well or at least it sounds similar.

I mentioned it to my dealer and told him that I will monitor it and see if it gets worse.


Mine does it every once in a while. Sounds to me like the pad popping loose from the rotor. I think in my case I actually feel it more than hear it. It has never caused a problem, I guess I wasn't worried about it.