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Tint Removal


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Oct 28, 2002
I recently had tint put on my front two windows, and the guy who did the install did a terrible job.

I took my truck to him last week to show him the poor quality work, and excuses began to fly. I have about 20 bubbles on my passenger side that he said were from lent. Well, wouldn't the lent be his fault since HE is the one who cleaned the windows? I also have a tiny tear in my tint where one of the bubbles ripped on my drivers side. He said this was from a ring or a watch. Yeah too bad I don't wear a ring or watch. He said it's impossible for the bubbles to rip, but I said couldn't moisture have gotten under the tint and frozen and caused the bubble to expand and then burst. Stumped he replied "possibly." Anyway He won't replace my tint for free. He's charging me 20 dollars, sooooooooo I won't be doing that.

Here's my question: 1.) Does anyone know how to remove the tint and if so can anyone do it.
2.) How hard would it be to install new tint, and what tools would I need?

Thanks in advance,
First off bubbles are going to be there in new tint. They will even out after about 2 weeks. You didnt mention how long the tint had been on so thats why I mentioned it.

I would find a new tint shop. I have never taken tint off so I cant help you there. As far as putting it back on I cant imagine it being to difficult.

If you are looking for a new tint shop try finding out where the local police dept. take their vehicles. Usually a good place to start.

That sucks about your tint. Good luck

Happy modding
Well, to remove tint, is a pain. First try to peel it off, if the tint already set, you'll have a layer of glue on the window, you'll need an sos pad and window cleaner made by dirtex, then scrub, scrub, scrub :7: I know its a pain, but that is the only way I know how to get tint off, also a heatgun may help.
Bubbles of the glue will be there for a couple weeks, but if they are air bubbles, than that was a shotty job. A tear absolutely is unacceptable (I assume you kept the window shut for 3-4 days or 4-5 if it is cold in your area).

Any tinter who cannot properly tint a truck needs to be shot. Our AVs are the easiest thing to tint out there and if you guy is messing things up, I would cut him a new one.

My guy here in MD finished the job in 10 minutes and the job is perfect. It is that easy.

As for the removal, follow the link above, or find yourself a heat gun. The gun makes the job 100 times easier, but becareful where you aim that thing. It will melt you interior if you are not careful.

Just my $.02

I have my vehicles done at LA TINT (although install quality really depends on the person doing the installing). ?Anyway, this guy puts the tint in with ZERO bubbles. ?It is flawless. ?You need to wash the windows SEVERAL times, leave it VERY WET, apply tint, and then squeegee the h*** out of it. ?He used home made tools to do the job. ?Not even one dust particle is there, and I checked!

So the good installers are out there, just got to find them.
I left some key details in the earlier post. Sorry.

I have had the tint on my truck for about 4 months now, and I gave the tint plenty of time to cure before I rolled down my windows.

I was hoping the bubbles in the tint would eventually cure, but no such luck. That's why I've decided just to redo the entire windows.

I've had tint on my previous tint, and no bubbles. I know the darker the tint, the more likely you'll see bubbles. Well, I have 15% on my Avy now and I had 15% on my ZR2. Zero bubbles on my ZR2 and 20+ on my Avy.

Thanks for all the advice,
I have first hand experience at removing tint and the glue residue--as early as 1 week ago!

If you read the thread that i started called "spare plexiglass rear window mod" you will realize that I have acumulated a lot of aches and pains and first hand knowledge about tinting.

I have 4 plexiglass windows. The first window I tinted was pretty bad with lots of bubbles. So I proceeded to peel off the window film tint while it was still relatively wet thinking the glue would not have stuck yet. Wrong!

That window was covered stern to stern with tint adhesive. i tried everything--acetone, window cleaner, soap, water, nothing worked. It was challlenging because you want to remove the glue but not scratch your window while doing it--especially plexiglass which is easily scratched.

went to ACE hardware and asked around. I bought a bottle of "Goof Off" and "Ooops remover". The Ooops remover worked better and I was able to remove the tint glue completely after 1 hour of elbow grease and soft paper towels.

Just make sure you do it outside your house or it will stink for weeks to come.

The challenging part for you is you will try to do this to an attached window. My plexiglass window was sitting on my lap when i removed mine.

The end results are excellent though. I am a master tinter now. i ordered some Lumar chrome tint to be installed later on. Check out the plexiglass thread and see the results.

My suggestion? Don't try tinting it yourself. take it to a different shop next time. All it takes is one bubble at the center of the window, no matter how small it is, and it will irritate you for the rest of your av's life. I felt confidient about tinting my plexiglass windows because they were removed and separate from the vehicle.

I tried tinting an attached window on my Toyota Tercel back in college.

DISASTER!!!!!!!! BUBBLE CITY!!!!!! :8:
OK then...... being former window-tinter of 13 years experience(although still tinting as a side job), the easiest way to remove tint is with a good fresh/new 1" single-edged razor blade and some soapy water in a spray bottle.
First- catch a top edge of the tint w/ the blade and pull down about 3/4 down the window.
Second- spray soapy water on glass to help lube glass and blade(in order to help lossen adhesive left on glass)
Third- start scraping away from top to bottom left to right or vice versa
---VERY EASY after doing this many many times
And in case anyone in the L.I. NY area is interested in tint drop me an E.M.( my little plug for myself )
Use Turtle wax Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Wipes in the round orange container, and a little elbow grease. You will like the results. No scraping and harsh chemicals to stink up your truck, and it leaves a pleasant smell. Finish up with paper towels and glass cleaner. It took me over four hours of scraping and smelling chemicals to do both front windows and one side back one. Thirty minutes for the rest. :)
i did not have bubbles in my tint when it was done. did have a scratch though. made an appointment and had it fixed for free. glad i did not have any problems. :B:

Who is your guy in MD? I'm in Rockville and have been considering getting the front windows tinted to match the back. Any referrals would be appreciated.

Thanks. :cool:
Actually another good way to locate a reputable tint shop throughout the US and Canada is to go to
www.solargard.com and click on their dealer locator for the dealer closest to you. Just my 2cents
the professional that did mine told me that there should not be any air bubles in the tine that he just did....on the passenger side there isn't any on the driver side it is covered in air bubbles......i am taking the car to him on wed to get my other vehicle done......have to see what he has to say then....this place was recomended by a local pd and the dealer and also the place where i get some of the mods......lee
Although solvents will do a pretty good job, you will have to be careful of what you use. Some solvents will damage the weather striping and if you're not careful the residue sometimes left behind can be a real BIT-- to remove. Another 2 cents.....
I used a steam cleaner and a plastic scraper (the window I was doing had a defroster built in), then I removed the remaining glue with "goof-off", still not a fun job.