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Tire dressing and white truck??


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Sep 17, 2006
Huntington Beach, CA
What are you using for your tires that doesnt wind up all over your paint?? 
I detailed the avy a couple of weeks after i got it and used some tire gel on the tires, looked great but over the next few days i was finding these little black specks all over the place.

I dont really like the wet/shinny look.  the detail shop just recommended a cleaner/conditioner for the tires..

Any suggestions??  I tried searching but all the talk on dressing and treatment is on cladding not tires??

No matter what product I use I always get the over spray splashing that you?re referring to here.  The best thing to do is wipe off the excess
I've had the best luck with meguiars, but you'll still get some if you drive it right after applying 
The only way to really prevent this, other than avoiding all dressings in the first place, is to strongly rub the dressing in to the tire.  Use very little dressing in the first place, applied to a sponge or rag, vigorously rubbed in so that the appearance is improved yet there is no residue to fly off.
use 303 type...


let sit few mins..

buff excess with towel...

then no splatter problems and tires look brand new
I use white wall cleaner and just scrub the tire and then rinse off all dirt. works great, only bad thing it when done you can see where you missed if you tires are really dirty.  doesn't give you that wet/glossy look.
thanks guys...  I bought 303 and that maybe an option...

I found this stuff yesterday..  sprayed it on and walked away(let sit for a couple of hours)..  tires look great..  two had brown spots on them  and after i sprayed they were all gone...

Not sure whats going to happen when they get wet..    Might all wash off.. 

The cool thing is there is no greasy mess..  i wiped the tires with my hand after they dried and nothing came off... 

Oh i also got overspray on part of the running boards and the plastic look better than new...    This might work on plastic as well...



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