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Tire Size Calculator


That was a good post - I will need this when I put new tires on the AV.
Man, this thread is dusty! All you AV owners must be happy with your tires and wheels! I'm looking right now and after 3 days of steady searching, I thought I'd save all of you some time and drop a few links that helped me a lot....

Start here first. This will explain a few terms that you will need later.....


This is the Miata site mentioned above, visually helpful...


These two are a little more detailed on dimensions...



These two are good at comparing sizes and also speed differences...



And these two will let you see how your new tires/wheels will look on your Av in the right color (which after all is the most important thing, right?!)...

(type in your make and year, then your style of Av)
(Go to 'Wheels' and then 'Wheel match')

I might have gone a little overboard and some of these links are similar, but links do die out now and then so I thought a little redundency would be a good thing.

I am going to go with 285/65-17's on a set of American Racing 'Breaker' or 'Burst' wheels. I still have to verify that the offsets will be right as compared to the stock wheels, but other than that, I'm done.
The offset was tricky, but after measuring and consulting an engineer from American Racing (americanracing.com), he said the offset of a positive 12 cm would "fit like a glove" and the results are on my PictureTrail account (link below). I went with the chrome Breakers, model # 614-7838. I'm real happy with the setup so far, but I'll always wonder how a set of 18" Breakers would have looked... :cautious:
Just came across this site and wanted to share. It is really slick, you just enter your current tire/wheel measurements and your planned tire/wheel measurements. From there, the program will tell you everything from diameter increase, effective gearing results, to aspect ratios to speed calibration #s. If you are looking for a new wheel/tire setup I would plug your numbers in here first...


Posted elsewhere too, but it is so helpful i wanted to make sure people see it...


bekind... there are a few of these on different web sites and they sure prove to be useful when you are thinking about changing stuff.

I'll add this thread over to the existing one on the same subject. This will help for future searches.
I do it myself.......on my calculator......geeky huh