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Tires~ OWL Or O(color)L


SM 2003
Full Member
Sep 1, 2002
I saw a car last week that had yellow outline on the lettering on the tires. Has anybody seen these?
Do they come factory or is it a testor pen(etc)?

What do you think? Not many colors will look good in my opinion. maybe red,yellow or orange.....
that be them. Interesting.

I wonder how well a testor would hold up. I guess if you don't smash into curbs they might last awhile.
I'll post a pic later on how my dad did his letters o his BFG Tires. He bought a paint pen in a fabric store that you use for writing on shirts etc.. and it holds up fine. i'll post a pic L8tr
Someone here did the Testor pen thing on their MT/R tires. I think you can find them in the "Aggressive Tires" thread. Seems like they were going to get some paint that was specific to tires but found that the Testor paints held up pretty good. Check around.