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To Trade Or Not To Trade, Help Me Out Here


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Nov 16, 2002
New Britain, CT
Im seweing all these great rebates going on, $4000 + off, I was wondering if it would be worth it to bumb up to a 2003 2500 AV. ?I paid about 38k for mine plus tax, title, etc. ?I was wondering if I would be keeping the same payments, or would i have to pay more for the new truck, mine currently has 6000 miles on it. ?Let me know what you guys think, Im not sure how to calculate everything out, if it would benifet me.

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One thing to consider is the fact that they are going to screw you hard on your trade. With all the incentives on new vehicles they don't want used ones in stock unless they get them really cheap. I just traded my wifes '99 Blazer with 32,000 miles on it for an '03 TrailBlazer. The best trade I could get was 10,500, KBB and Edmunds listed the trade value around 13,000 but the dealers all said that since we were getting such a good deal on the '03 then they had to make up the difference on the trade.

If you could sell your '02 privately then you could probably make out on the deal but then again it's going to be hard selling an '02 for 35k when somebody could get a brand new '03 or a little more.

One last thing. It doesn't hurt to look around. Set a price in your head and start looking around, you might be surprised and get what you want. If not then at least you haven't lost anything.

Good luck.
The sweeter GM makes the deals on the new vehicles, the tougher it will be on your trade. Whether you trade or sell outright, the value of your vehicle will be directly related to what a new vehicle would sell for. With 0% financing and rebates it will be tough selling or trading a one-year-old truck.
If you were going to purchase a used vehicle, how much less would you want it to be than a new one?
I'd stick with that you got man - especially as it appears you paid sticker or close on the original purchase. Edmunds puts the Avalanche betwee 22,000 and 26,500 in trade right now.

Depending on the part of the country, due to the large incentives on new vehicles coupled with the flood of off-lease vehicles hitting the market....Used SUVs/UUVs are depreciating at an average rate of 14% to 17% per year. You must figure that is top retail. The best you will get is the auction price.

Stay with what you have!

Or better yet, sell your other vehicle and be a DUAL AV HOUSEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MacMan said:
Or better yet, sell your other vehicle and be a DUAL AV HOUSEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what I would love to do, especially since the wife gets the Av most of the time. But common sense and the prices at the pump tell me otherwise.... :(
One thing I've learned is never trade in a car with zero or negative equity. I did it 2 times and regretted it each time.

Sure, there are differences between 02 and 03, but you'll always see those types of changes. With the new car market the way it is with rebates and incentives, buying used or leasing doesn't make as much sense as it used to. We just bought our 03 Av in January to replace a leased Rodeo. Four years ago, it made (more) sense to lease, as SUV's were holding their value, and lease rates were low. Now, the buy-out price of the Rodeo is almost 150% of its value ($15k buyout vs $10k value).

I think in todays market, the best thing to do is buy a vehicle for the best deal you can get, and drive it until it is paid off, or longer. Then you have some equity in the vehicle and you can trade in for something new. We plan on keeping our 03 Av until 13. Yep. 10 years. That's our plan.

I'm glad to see this topic opened up. I am in the military and have been stationed overseas for two years. I orderd my 2002 Z-71 last year and will be laying on eyes on it for the first time this March when I pick it up at a dealer in OK city. I got a screaming deal on it, but then I started thinking. How would I do if I wanted to "bump" up to a 2003 if I offered a 2002 with very little miles on it? I am so darn anxious to get my hands on my AV and start modding but I like a couple of the options on the 03's.
What deals have people scored with there 02's on an 03?
I bought my 02 Z-71 for 31,480 and 0% financing for six years from the good general!! It's loaded minus leather, butt cookers and engine block heater.
Should I keep it?
Chief....What's your .02 oh wise one.

CThunder :B:

If you haven't taken delivery of it, maybe the dealer will let you out of the 02 completely. If not, you'll take a huge loss, as mentioned by others. A similarly equiped 03 would cost you a couple thousand more than you paid for the 02. After taking a loss on the 02, you'll be over at least $5k...just a guess though.


Understand and agree. I have thought about dropping the 02 and getting an 03 but I'm almost positive I couldn't score the deal I did on my 02. When I pick it up I may just see what the dealer is willing to do. With a hot item like the AV, what dealer in there right mind would give you a deal on an 02? No worry's here though. I'll still be really happy with my 02. I've already have mod feaver. I need to get my hands on this thing!!!

CThunder :B: