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Todays Midgate Repair...TSB # 02-08-57-002


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Feb 9, 2002
Just recently noticed minor water leakage around the midgate. Only happened in a parked nose-down attitude and a heavy rain. Tody my dealer did TSB Repair # 02-08-57-002. This involved filling the seal with some so-called "close-tolerance rubber", blowing it up with air to "expand" the rubber, and putting the seal back on the midgate. It did not include a new seal/adhesive. Will this work? Who knows-but I will report back. Dealer service manager seemed very defensive about how " all those Av's leak."

Steve in Maine
Mine does not and has never leaked...
No leaks here either . . . so it's not true that ALL Av's leak.

I'm more interested in how it does 5-10 years from now - that will be the real test of the design!
I think that was one major factor in my leasing as opposed to financing my Av. In another 2 years, we should have some reliability/wear data on our first generation Avs. I may at that time decide to buy mine at lease-end OR lease another one. You can't go wrong with an Av, but if we all have Avs that will be problematic with age, I'd want one with the second generation midgate. Time will tell...

I got this TSB done on my Av and it fixed my leak. No more water in the cab for me :love:
Only noticed a leak after thoroughly washing out the bed, sails, midgate, and window. It was just a little puddle on the passenger side only seen by flipping up the seat. I'm gonna see if it will leak any worse, then maybe take it in for this fix.