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Tow Haul Engaging


New Member
Sep 10, 2006
I can no longer engage my Tow Haul Button.? I have pushed it many different times, and in each gear shift position, but to no avail.? Does anyone know what the problem is, and if there is anyway to fix it without going to the dealer.? My Avalanche is a 2002 Z71.............Thanks

Chuck---email:? nctarheelone@msn.com
try replacing the switch and check the fuses.  You should be able to go to a junk yard and find a new column shifter.
I've looked for a fuse in all the panels, but Unless I am blind, I could not fine one.  Is there really a separate fuse for the Tow Haul Function?  I hope so, because that would definitely be the easiest solution without having to pull the shifter.