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TPMS & 24" wheels


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Jul 15, 2007
Northern New Jersey
I want to get 24" wheels for my new 07 Avy but I need a little help here with the TPMS system and if i am going to be able to program the truck with the big wheels on it. ?I def. ?do not want to see the light on the dash. ?Also wanted to know of anyones expierence with rubbing with a 305/35/24 tire. THe wheels are Giovanna GG 111.   ? ? :help:
You just need to make sure the wheels are able to accept the sensors. Depending on the air pressure you are going to run the TPMS system might have to be re programed with a different base pressure. I is able to be programed between 30 to 40 lb.

Someone else will have to answer about the rubbing.


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I've got 24" Dropstar DS02 mounted to Toyo 305/35/24 rubber. . . . . . rubbed just a very little bit for the first couple days. . . . on the front wheels ONLY.   You can fit up to a 30" on the rear. . . . . I know cause I've already tried. . . . just looked goofy with 30" rear and 24" front.

If you look inside your front wheel wells, you will see a couple "plastic" retention "bumps" on the side closest to the door.   Depending on your final tire/wheel size, one of these may/may not rub off. . . . . it does not compromise the integrity of your wheel well.

Additionally, I went to my dealer and got an ADDITIONAL set of pressure sensors so that I could leave the set in my factory 20's and have a set in the Dropstars.   I will run the factory rims/tires in the winter months and the Dropstars the rest of the year.   The additional sensors cost me $124 but it's worth it.

Regarding the TPMS. . . . take it to your dealer, they shouldn't charge you more than $40 bucks to reprogram.   They have to change the tire size in your CPU. This will keep your speedo calibrated also.

The ONLY WAY we were able to get the pressure sensors sync'd was to follow the manual process in the owner's manual.   The GM Tech tried doing in the automated way with his handheld computer several times and it didn't work.

Hope this helps!!

Chesterfield, MO  (St. Louis)

Hey Josh,

Thanx for the info, I get the wheels on monday and the company I got them from said they should work right away with the TPMS but if they dont he is sending me the serial numbers to all the sensors so the dealer can reprogram them manually. I'll post a pic for  ya when i get them.

Ringwood, NJ