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Tracking The Birth Of An Avalanche


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Apr 8, 2002
Sacramento, California
Hello All,
I visited Family Chevrolet in Shingle Springs, California and will be a new Avalanche owner soon. I had them do a dealer search for the combination I wanted and they could not find it for 1,000 miles...
So....the for my 2500 4x4 is going in tomorrow.

My question is, how long is it taking to have orders filled? Is there anyone here who can track my order?

Lastly, are the 2500's as rare as they seem? It seems as though most are 1500's.
The 2500 are a minority group, but very important - the 8.1L is a real screamer and the suspension is outstanding - it will be worth the wait. ;D

BTW; your dealer should be able to track it and give you a build date and updates.
The 2500 is an awesome rig and you won't believe the 8.1 engine. Gets 14-15 highway and 11-12 around town, even with the 4.10 rear end. Power you won't believe. Very much worth the wait or bother of finding one. Steve
Waits are running around four weeks on factory orders - not terribly long. I'll take a wild guess - you want a neutral interior with a cloth bench - don't cha' ;D
You read my mind....
How did you know???????

I'm going to start buying oil filters, air filters, ect now....
Time to browse over to the thread discussing XM radio ;D
I knew because neutral interior cloth bench seats are very rare animals - I'll take a bigger stab and guess you're also looking for a sunroof - throw in the 2500 and well - I don't think you'll find one sitting on the lot.

Go ahead and factory order - you won't regret it!
Actually, the only one they found close to what I wanted they found in Nevada.. It had a sunroof! They were going to trade 3 of their 1500's to get it. I then test drove a 1500 they had with a sunroof and my head kept hitting the headliner.

So I then ordered one.
Hey, Look at it this way with this truck it will be yours.. no one but you will drive it and you got want you wanted.
My wife ordered a van from VANWORKS. I think the best van company oput there. she ordered it at the end of may and we had a ship date of 20 June. well the van did not get here till july but let me tell you it is a very nice van. so to tell you I wish I ordered my avalanche because it would have been a great one too....
I think the ordering part make it a nicer truck.

So wait my friend and when you get the truck.. WELCOME to the family.......

Welcome. You'll love the 2500. You don't get whole lot of rain there in Sacto, but when you do, be sure to be light on the gas. The big 8.1 engine loves to spin the rear tires in the rain. And when the back end locks up around a corner, it'll sure get your attention the first few times. After that it's just plain old fun. :)
Very, Very true :)

By the way, has anyone out there tried to get a locking gas cap for their Avalanche?
I just called the dealership and they told me that it is not made.
Boy, you guys are making me jealous. :cautious:I had a Black 2500 all picked out and called my brother who told me it would only get 11-13 mpg highway so I called the dealer back and had him get me a 1500. The dealer agreed with my brother. If I knew I could have gotten near 15 mpg, Wow!, I could of had a V-8, BIG BLOCK that is. :eek:
Hello All,
Well, I called Family Chevrolet back today to ask if there were any updates. They said yes, that the truck would be made the week of the 27th!!! ;D

I can't wait. I'm already buying accessories.
Isn't America just the best damn country in the world? ;D

Sacramento California
Speaking of spinning em' in the rain...my 327 poured a little rubber on the road this evening...what can I say..had to merge.. ;D