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Trade-In Values Of Your '02s??


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Mar 15, 2002
Southern Delaware
I thought this would be a good topic to start because so many of us have either traded our '02 Avs for '03s because of the huge discounts available, or are seriously contemplating it at this moment.

So, for those of you that have already done it, what have you gotten as far as a trade-in value on your '02, noting mileage, model, and options? Have any of you sold your Av's privately instead of trading?

We haven't taken ours to a dealer to see how much we could get on trade, but I inquired on an Edmunds board under a topic hosted by used car dealers daily. We have a 2002 1500 2wd that has the Z66 pack, Convenience Pack, cloth buckets, and OWL tires and only 14k miles after a year of ownership, and I was told to expect the high $22-23's as a trade or in the $25-26k range if sold privately. Looks like we might be keeping it for a long time b/c of the trade values, but then again you never know when a deal might come up that's too good to pass up. That, and we don't like to worry about selling things ourselves.

So, what have you guys been getting???
I just got off the phone with a dealer and he asked me if I was interested in trading in...with my Av (Z71, 8,500 miles) he thought he might be able to offer 24K...a little low for me...

I have been surveying the 'selling price' in the Kansas City area, and the prices for K1500's are around 28-30K asking price, mostly with what I would consider high miles (above 14K)

I'm hoping to sell my Av for around 28K and take advantage of the rebate and GMS price again... (y)

Dealer offered me $21K on my '02 Z-71--loaded. Sunroof, leather, premium sound, nerfs, grille, etc.
20K miles.

Sold it privately to the first guy to look at it for $28K


The new car market is offering so many incentives that it has driven down prices in the used car market. So if you are trading in, prepare for the worse. Very few dealers are going to give you what you are expecting :cry:
These low trade in values are kinda disturbing :cry:. I thought trucks and SUVs were supposed to maintain their value better than this ???.
CoAvZ71- Yeah, actually trucks and SUV's used to really hold their values not long ago, and to some extent, still do today. However, when a fact exists that someone can go out right now and buy a new 2003 Av with 0 miles and the options of their choice with not only a $4k rebate, but dealer discounts of about the same amount (also GM Card earnings, etc.), it gets harder and harder to sell a used one for very much.

:( Sadly, it's just something that happens when car sales have been slow and manufacturer's start putting huge rebates and financing deals on everything, just to sell something. Then again, selling it yourself, you can get a heck of a lot more than if trading in. But, it isn't as easy to sell it yourself as it is to trade, even if it means taking a loss.
How bad do you guys think us AV owners are gonna be affected if fuel prices go over $2.00 bucks/gal. ?? ??? ???
Well my dealer offered me 12,000 + my AV on trade for a 2003 AV.

Mine is a Z66 with 6700 miles on it. Very nice Shape. But, I figure that the Z71 had a Sticker of 36000 - 4000 rebate. so 32000 there. Baisicly I was offered 20000 bucks for mine.

I have thought about selling it outright, but, I love the truck. Don't know if it would be worth it.
What do you guys think I can get for my truck? I just hit 5600 miles on my truck today and its one year to date I own the Avy.
The typical numbers game! Not sure exactly what the actual trade-in was, but I traded in my white 02' north face for a black 02' north face. I am paying the same I was paying before basically! Alright maybe $10 more.
I am glad I bought it though! The 03's North Face is much better!
wow! ;D
Brian_FLA said:
but I traded in my white 02' north face for a black 02' north face. I am glad I bought it though! The 03's North Face is much better!
wow! ;D

I assume you traded the 02 for a black 03 North Face?

For those that have sold privately, how have you done the title transfer, if you had a loan on the Av?
Mine is only worth $23,000 I have a 2002 loaded every option and I have 44,356miles :eek: Kelly blue book took $5,000 off for high miles :7:
Here's a question to ask yourself before you trade in. ?How much cash did you put up front for your current vehicle? ?Beacuse when you trade your current vehicle in you've lost that money as well.

If you put $2000 cash down, for instance, you have to get $2000 extra out of your vehicle to get that money back. ?Just b/c you sell your vehicle at "market value" doesn't mean you are coming out with a better deal. ?If your trading in you will loose any cash value, any mods value, etc. ?It might look like you are getting a deal with the '03 but are you really?

Another thing is if you are taking those '03 rebates off sticker price your getting the big shaft. ?The only way to make those rebates work for you is to negotiate the purchase price of the vehicle FIRST (which should be somewhere between $300 over dealer invoice to wholesale price) then take those rebates off the end of that. ?So, if sticker is 36,000 you should negotiate to say $31500 (estimate) THEN take your $4000 rebate off the $31500 for a driveout of $27500 (w/o any cash down). THEN if you get $22000 for trade in and owe $20000 you end up with $27500 - $2000 which leaves you financing $25500.

Just something to think about....make sure to crunch the numbers first because GM wouldn't have been in business this long if they were stupid.