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Trailering vibrations


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May 26, 2007
Hi all.
I picked up a 2007 6x10 Haulmark Fusion enclosed trailer and drove it from Jax to Tampa area. It was empty and I noticed right away that I was getting a lot of vibration throughout the truck, some in the seat and some in the steering wheel.

I wondered if this is normal or is there something wrong? Does anyone have any ideas?

The vibration was most noticeable between 50 and 70mph. Was the same on backroads as well as the highway.
check trailer...
wheels out of round
out of balance
bouncy on tires when empty

as when trailer vibrates it sends this vibration through hitch to rear of avy....
Generally, vibration felt in the steering wheel, and pedals reflect a front axle/suspension issue, and vibrations felt in the floor and seat, indicate a rear axle/suspension issue - generally! Add a trailer into the mix, more rear axle issues are brought to light.
I'd look at:

Trailer tires- balance and tire pressure. Don't overlook the obvious things like lug nuts. If a tandem axle, are all 4 tires the same size?

Truck tires, rear - check tire pressure here. Even empty, I up the PSI to the max indicated on the sidewall.

Hitch- How much slop is in the receiver to ball hitch? (where the 5/8" pin holds things together.) You'll notice this when stopping and starting.

Ball itself- obviously, it's gota be tight.

Ball and coupler the same size? Like a 1 7/8 ball inside a 2in coupler?? I've done that before...... :rolleyes:

Just my $.02
Also realize that an empty trailer will certainly ride rougher than a full trailer.
One of the trailer tires had more psi than the other and one had looser lugs than the other, I used the torque wrench on them to get them right. Cant believe it has Chinese tires on it. Other than that the trailer is new. The reciever and ball were provided by the trailer place so I imagine they are correct.
Didnt notice too much slop not like ive heard before. Will check the ball tightness and receiver pin slop tomorrow before I take off with the trailer loaded.

The whole truck was vibrating above 45 on up. It was not killing me but I hated it regardless. I think the truck drives like like a Cadillac when the trailer is not on there. I have new rims and Michellin SUV's with nitrogen.

Hope it goes better tomorrow.
PS. I cant back! s_cks
That trailer was probably bouncing around. My horsetrailer bounces when empty. You have a short trailer so the axle is close to the ball hitch (pivot point).

Keeping some ballast will help- I know it seems a waste but that works. Having loose lugs worsens the issue.

Towed with the trailer loaded and full bed and cab. There was some vibration this time but not as bad and more so at 60mph and above.

Guess I need a lot more towing experience before I know whats going on.
Im wondering the next time I tow empty should I put some weight in it somewhere, maybe just forward of the axle.
Yes - Slightly forward of the axle. Whatever you do you DO NOT WANT negative toung weight where the trailer is weighted at the back. Will cause fishtailing/crash.

Had the trailer tires balanced. They dont balance them on a new trailer!
The ride was improved 100 percent. No more vibration.