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Transmission Starting Out In 2nd Gear


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May 28, 2002
Floresville, TX
I was stoped to day and when I pressed on the gas my AV started to go in 1st then all then at about 2MPH it droped down to 2nd gear and I had very little power I don't know what the problem is but it has happend only 4 times?
Strange. ?Are you sure you had the shift lever in D or 3?

My last 4L60E used to throw fits and go into "limp home" mode way too often. ?Basically that was going straight for second gear and staying there. ?

Did yours up and downshift properly from there? ?If it was in trouble-mode, I believe the computer has to be reset, and you'd almost definitely see a code thrown. (Service Engine Soon light).

If it worked okay, did you maybe catch what the speedometer was doing? ?Maybe it's possible that the speed sensor hicuped and caused the tranny to grab second too early?

Happen to have access to a OBDII scanner?
There are several sensors that signal when to shift. You need to go to the dealer and have it checked out. At least then you officially reported it and down the load you are well covered. Make sure they accurately write down what you report. That would be my 2 cents.
My 02 Z71 is in the shop getting a new Tranny as we type. I got her lifted and the Tranny went out the next day. I am so frustrated, I want my AV back. The dealer said I will have to wait a whole week. Nooooooooooo! Someone make the pain stop.