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Transmission Warning Lights



Has anybody had a warning message come on in amber "Transmission Hot" ?and then in red "Trans Hot - Idle Engine" ?We have gotten it twice now. ?This is after about 5 hours of driving first interstate and then mountainy/hilly roadway. ?We are not towing anything, and all we had was 2 pieces of luggage, a small cooler and the two of us. ?We have driven this route many times before in other vehicles and never had a problem with them. ? It is going into the service department on Tuesday. :cry:
I have not yet got the transmission hot warning and I tow about 50% of the time. I will be going through the Smokey Mtns. later next month so I will make sure and post if any problems arise. Sounds like a trip to the service dept is definately in order for your AV.
I towed my boat from LA to Laughlin (280 milesish) in 115 degree heat, holding about 80 with no indication of anything getting hot anywhere. Of course A/C was on full blast. I have the 2500, so maybe the difference if your in a 1500. I would definetly get that checked out. (And you fluid level too)
Check your owners manual on the lights and take your truck in to dealer...sounds like a problem or it is very hot where you drive like over 150 which I doubt.

I thought I had put in the message that it didn't seem to shift the gears right, just didn't sound right and took too long. Guess I put that in a message about the oil usage (we have that too). Anyway, it went in for service on the transmission today. It is not shifting into 2nd at all. It is still at the dealers, they do not know why it won't shift into second. Will let you know what they say.