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Travis AFB

Sorry, I'd love to be living up there, but I'm down in Alameda, soon to be moving to Castro Valley. Coast Guard working at Yerba Buena Island doing my part for the Bay area mariners. I'm up there once or twice a month to charge up my star card. Just check my sig and maybe you'll see me again.
Take advantage of this site. It has helped a lot of people, especially with problems they've had.
RobnTina said:
That would have been mine. ?Thanks. ?Which one are you driving over here?
Is this the first confirmed new member brought in via brochure tag? Just curious.

GoldBowTie joined the ranks on April 12th. I am not sure if he was the first or not (I tagged him at a local nursery).

Anyways, welcome aboard RobnTina. This is an excellent site with lots of nice people and and tons of information.

Cool :cool:

I might be the first "recruited" with a flyer.

I just had to reply, I am trying to pad my numbers.

Don't want to be a "newbie" too long.
Don't worry, GoldBowTie. In no time at all you'll be up there! There is always a good question to ask or a mod you "need" to know more about.