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Trick For "Lint Free" Drying


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Well owning an Indigo Blue Av is coming up with it's own set of challenges. Water spot city :(, when the puddle lamps come on the door looks dirty due to the clear coat :9:, even if it's clean, every scratch and chip stands out like a sore thumb :D: - and the tiniest bit of lint when drying stands out on the paint :7:. Well at least I think I found a solution for the last one.

Frustrated I went down to the local store and bought some new 100% cotton towels. Instead of going with white - I went with dark blue! :0: :0:

Yup - no more lint when I dry the Av and if any lint is being left behind, it doesn't stand out like dandruff on a black jacket! (y) (y)

However this has me wondering :rolleyes: - could the dye in the towel damage the finish on my Av long term. I can't image the answer is yes - I mean if it's safe enough to dry a baby or dry my dog, surely it can't hurt the paint - but if any of our cleaning experts could speak up on the topic...
OK . . . the question is still WHY !!! What is the downside to using a non-white towel?

Personally, Chief, I like your idea - the next best thing to no lint is invisable lint . . .

Inquiring minds STILL want to know ;D

ygmn probably has the exact answer but in my mind it makes sense that the dye itself is a material that literally is glued to the towel - why else does a towel fade. The dye material can scratch the microscopically (sp?) thin clear coat if much pressure is applied.

Biology lesson - the purpose of the towel is twofold. Yes to dry off but also to scape away the dead cells on top of the skin each time you bath.

What you don't get off the bed mites will!!!!!!
I would also add that a clean, white towel is probably advised so you can see when it is becoming dirty so you can rotate the towel or go get another one.

Are we not using the chamois....I heard they are the best for drying....although they could be harsh for the clearcoat....They absorb the water pretty well.
Dyes can react with your wax or sealant.

Try the leaf blower and synthetic chamois or my fave Micro Fiber towels.