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trouble painting bowtie! help! pics attached


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Jan 14, 2007
Logan, Utah
i took off the bowtie today, but im stumped as to where to paint. it has a clear cover over it, so do i reove that or what?


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just sand it and paint it, no need to remove the cover
ditto.  Just sand enough to scuff it up to allow the paint something to adhere to.  Make sure to clearcoat it.  Don't make the mistake I did.  I bought some cheap Walleyword paint when it was time to do my bowtie.  What happened was I needed, black, white and orange.  So, I got the black and white.  I believe it was Krylon, and then got the orange paint at a auto paint store, that my family knows the owner.  When I told him what I was doing and I got the orange paint and told him about the clear, he said he could not sell me the clear coat with hardener because it will affect the Krylon.  So, he gave me a diiferent clear.  When a bug would hit it, the bug would eat through the clearcoat.  I went back and he sold me the other clear with hardener since there was a layer of protection from the paint.  But, the two clears had a bad reaction.  The clear shrunk and left these wavey lines.  I contacted a guy on here, and he made me a new bowtie, and he got the black and white backwards, he said he would fix it, but I liked the way it looked and put it on my AV.


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that blue one is sharp!
So what are you trying to say, the orange one looks crappy?  J/K  I did not like the orange one anyway, clashed with the AV.
vlcmstne4 said:
how many layers of clear coat?
Good question.  Make sure you use automotive paint and clear with hardener.  This will give the toughness so bugs won't destroy it.  I wish I could tell you how many.  I am not too good with painting, but personally I would do at least 3 coats.  I kept adding to my orange one because of the bug problem until I got the one with hardener.  I do not know how many the guy put on my blue one.

BrianLee01 said:
So what are you trying to say, the orange one looks crappy?  J/K  I did not like the orange one anyway, clashed with the AV.
actually when I first looked at it I thought it was that hammered finish paint, not bad, just different!  :D