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Truckin' Magazine; April 2003; Page 106


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Jul 26, 2002
...has a Yellow AV supposedly built my Truckin' Mag; that has full shaped cladding over the fenders. This truck was at the SEMA show from what the article states. Are these plastic bolt on? Or are they painted on the metal fenders? I want some if they are bolt on!
Here's the pic of the Av in question, if it works...


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yeah that pic has been around for a while. if i remember right they are just painted on, they just added some texture. if you want to do this and have questions, i know a member bbtx has done the same thing, except in gray, and i am sure he would be happy to answere a question or two.

-Digita X-
Yeah I remember seeing that one in a magazine one time. I wish someone would come out with some plastic fenders for the Avalanche. I would buy them in a second.
The process of painting that little devil was in truckin magazine about a year ago. They were pretty keen about the bumble bee look.
That was how I knew about the clips before the paint shop did. If I had ordered some i my truck would have set in the shop for about a week.