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Truckin's SUV Of The YEAR ?!?!?


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
Does anyone have more info on this?

2002 Truck of the Year Intro
Truck of the Year

Let the games begin! Once again, it is time for Truckin' magazine's annual Truck of the Year contest: a contest of the best, the newest, and the most innovative crop of vehicles equipped with beds to strut their stuff.

The staff of Truckin', along with help from the staffers of Truckin's SUV, Mini Truckin', 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility and OFF-ROAD, put all-new model vehicles or vehicles with significant changes for the year 2002 through their paces to determine which truck offered the most performance, comfort, convenience, and value for the money. Our collective group also tested the latest group of SUVs in a simultaneous heads-up comparison with the trucks, and the results of that test, Truckin's SUV of the Year, will be published in these pages next month.

The Evolution of the Truck Continues...

There is a truck magizne caller Truckin's SUV Mag that did over an 02 Avalanche, took a pewter Av striped the paint then painted it Yellow, 6in Lift, Big Wheels and Tires, and custom Grill Guards the truck is going to be a mule for anything the mag wants to do ;D ;D
Yes I remember that yellow beast up on their website and in the mag not to long ago...that thing is definitely a monster capabable of towing and hauling about anything within reason...may even move mountains... :B: