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TV Tuners


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Mar 12, 2007
Loudoun, VA
As anyone who knows me can testify, I flip flop on what mods I?m actually going to spend my time on (I currently have a midgate, a couple of subs, amp and a stack mdf in my basement collecting dust as I write this).

So I had a bad day yesterday and decided I needed a little modatude adjustment and decided to finally install an A/V switch and a PIE Precision iPod video adapter that has been glaring at me from a shelf in my garage for the last 6 months.? Other than breaking my stereo bucket?again, it all went well. I can now play video from my iPod through my Z1 and/or my computer touch screen. It?s pretty cool, I can play a movie or TV show from my iPod with video in my touch screen and audio thru my Z1 while viewing the map on my Nav.

My A/V switch has 5 inputs and I?m using 2, one iPod and one computer, and starting thinking about a TV tuner. Pioneer discontinued theirs and the ones on e-bay are getting pretty pricey. Has anyone used any of the universal TV tuners? If so, which one and why? I know I won?t be able to use the controls on my Avic and that?s fine, I just want something that works well, a diversity antenna (not the pimp wing), station memory, and I would prefer a wired remote but I can live with a wireless.
mp3car forums show a few that hook up to carputers. Depending on your inputs they could work with a head unit....
I had a dvd player with a built in tv tuner.  Reception sucked.  it was a cheap dvd palyer and i ended up replacing it with a non tuner one.

sitting still, its great but once you start moving, you go in and out of the reception area quick.
I have one built into my kenwood head unit.
Antenna spread out through out front windshield.
Chanel, location and driving direction Good (just don't change any of them)

One left turn and no reception! :rolleyes: