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Ultimate Av Spotted



I was down in Roseberg Texas on business this afternoon and saw a pretty extreme Avalanche parked in front of a Firestone shop. Big lift, big tires, black cladding, ... I felt pretty puny in my black Z71. Excuse the picture quality, I only had a pen cam with me. The color matched tubular side steps were pretty sweet.


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Whoa! I guess everything really is bigger in Texas! :eek:
There was a guy at my high school with a jacked up F?50 that had a rope ladder anchored to the seat mounts so his girlfriend could get in.

That gives new meaning to the word "lifted".....must get great gas mileage... ;D
Holy $poop batman - that is one large AV.

Someone has put a lot of $ into that lift job. Looks nice and I am sure it a joy to jump in.
Maybe the owner pays the bank loan with his earnings from the local Monster Truck Rally events.

If they ever ran over a Honda Civic it would not cause any damage to the Honda. The car could fit inside the tire groove of that Av.

I hope the owner likes the higher elevation climates.....
Now that is getting cool....Needs bigger tires and a bigger more Hp motor !!!! >:D

I seen the same one in Austin this weekend, at the Texas HeatWave show.

I've attached another pic.

Race T


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Race said:
I seen the same one in Austin this weekend, at the Texas HeatWave show.

I've attached another pic.

Race T

That's some pic :eek:
Race said:
I've attached another pic.
I might be in the minority here, but that's kinda scary. :9: If I were there, I'd be hiding on the opposite side of the truck with those other folks. :eek:
That guy must of put all of his $'s into the truck - there wasn't enough $'s left over to buy his lady the rest of the material for the top :rolleyes:
:eek: :eek: holy smokes, that's a sweet ride!!! :eek: :eek:

not only can he use his av to drive (not to mention scare the bajeezees out of imports), but now he can use it as a work out equipment and do pull-ups off of the nerf bars. ;) >:D
I was looking closer and noticed that all of the cladding on the truck including the bed has been painted black.

Someone dropped a lot of $'s into the AV - great ride

On a side note - we should ensure we keep the comments about the picture clean - there are several ladies who are members. My sis is one of them - but she has thick skin :)
;) I agree w/blueruck. There are ladies here on the forums..... even though the poor dude with the monster AV didn't have enough "change" from his dollar to get his lady the rest of her outfit... ;D
nice ride!

oh well .. back to modifying the location of the trailer light harness!