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*Updated* '02 - Current, How many have you owned?

How many Avalanches have you owned? Do you plan on buying another again? (2 votes max)

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Tahoe Fox

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Jul 29, 2004
We've had this topic before HERE, but with the advent of the '08's coming out, I'm curious what the new numbers would be.  I've also added options for whether or not you think you would continue in the Av family or would you consider something else.

As to whether or not u'll keep it/replace it with a newer one/etc., feel free to also post your reasoning.  :wave:
avalanchuck said:
1 so far and yes I'd get another. (y)

after driving hubbies new one... it'd be real hard for me to not consider an '08... especially if my car keeps having to go into service :E:
Have had one..  Want another one to make 2, but havent pulled the trigger yet... 
MR.SMITH said:

:eek:  r u serious?  don't tell me u actually went and did it ?!?!?    yes it's hot and yes i'm bummed if u don't have the av anymore... pm me... tell me more...
Technically I've yet to pay off a loan on an AV so technically I've owned 0.

But I've signed purchase contracts on 2 AVs.  >:D

On my third,
'02 Z66, great ride, but needed more power at the time,
so I got a '04 2500, don't need the power any more,
so now I have a '07 4X4.
And YES, my next vehicle will probably be another one.
1st AV,2nd AV, Working a deal on third.


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Still have my 02 and it will be my last. The lack of a 2500 forces me elsewhere. She will be for sale after the first of the year.

Still on my first. Came close about a month ago on an '07 when they had supplier less $3750, and I was offered a good trade on my '02, but I just decided to keep the one I have a while longer. The '07 drives, rides, and handles really nice, but it was just too much $ for me to justify. I've never had a prior vehicle for more than 3 years, and my Av has been with me for 5 now, and I still like it.
Still driving my first and only, still have another year left on ext. warranty then will make decision on when to buy new Avalanche.
                                                                :eek: :eek:
I'll still be driving my baby  :love: My wife will get a new AV 2009 or 2010 :needhug:
1 for me, think I'm going to keep it forever
I probably would consider another only if they come out with a 2500,
I always have more than one car though.

But I may trade this one for a 06 2500.
i'm curious... who was the other member who's had 5?  anyone up to 6+ yet?  i'm sure we will at some point, just curious who else...
I only have the one. I love this truck, but as I move towards getting away from parent's buying everything and me getting a real job after college, I may not be able to afford one of my own for a while (looking at being a teacher). I am going to go for my master's, so that will give me a higher step on the payroll chart, but that's pretty far off and who knows what they will have created by then. I want, with the deepest wants, either the new camaro or a vette, but, ya, that's not gonna happen for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. But, in the mean time, I have no plans for letting this one go for a while and once that engine dies, in drops the new small block diesel >:D.
I'd still have the '02 if not for the beautiful loaded Arrival Blue deal

as for replacement I voted YES but there's a caveat. I plan on keeping my truck forever, if I totaled it I would get another Avalanche but...?
NO CLADDING, NO DICE ! There are still some nice low mileage cladded trucks around, I have one. ?:love: :B:
Avalanche Fox said:
i'm curious... who was the other member who's had 5?  anyone up to 6+ yet?  i'm sure we will at some point, just curious who else...
Danwil is the only one I can think of