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utah gtg

Hey Avalanche0_2,

I am all for it. Sounds great! Lets figure something out. Any suggestions? Maybe we could plan a meet and greet. Let me know what you think.


:E: Like I said in another post I was on a long sabatical with the powers of WOW.  Now I see why alot of people are getting fired over a game.  It was not good.  But I'm over it and everything is good.  I am back with the Modding fever and need to  see other AVs join our UTAH chapter.  We definately need a GTG and carAVan through SLC, West VBalley, Murray, West Jordon, South Jordan, Sandy, Draper, Riverton, Orem, Provo and then do another in Ogden around the base too.  Meet at the Capital and end in Cabelas taking lunch at Hooters. >:D
We really need a gtg.  There are what 7 of us now. 
Darthavalanche (Not signed in since 2004)

And a couple do not ever log in anymore.  Maybe because of no gtgs or anything fun to get em moving.  We definately need more members and the only way to really do that is through tags and GTG's rolling on hwys and city streets in a carAVan. So can we get something going.  I just e-mailed all of you here in Utah to join in so Lets Git'r'done!


I would like to hear from all of you.