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VCI-GM2 question for my factory nav?


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Nov 25, 2006
Los Angeles, Cali
I recently found out that I can switch my factory navigation touch screen to a back up camera screen with the VCI-GM2 .  My question is...after installing this item can I watch DVDs on the screen now???
Thanks for any help
The PAC VCI-gm2 is a video interface and has a plug for a DVD and a backup camera  However it does not have a audio input

The only PAC adapter that has audio and video input vci-gm2/AV that I know of. It is about 400.00. I have been looking for one myself, maybe one of the site partners has one.

Hope that helps
With an aux audio in adapter also, you can wire a switch for the audio to work with the video mode selection.
What's all involved with the "aux audio in adapter" and how does this work. I'm looking for something I can just switch from radio to DVD(or in my case a TV)
You can't play DVD's on the factory unit. The pac adapter allows you to watch Anything that puts out a video source on the Screen.

No you have to have a separate DVD player, what we are trying to do is to get the separate dvd/TV to play on the Headunit I think they are adapters to do that. I think it just like a backup camera to play on the factory headunit
Have to add this is highly illegal and not wise to do with the car/truck in motion.
MichiganSilver03 said:
Have to add this is highly illegal and not wise to do with the car/truck in motion.

Clarify that to say that it is only illegal if it is playing while the car is in motion. ENough of that and back to question at hand.

The pac adapter has 2 video inputs, one is for the backup camera, the othe is for a source of your choice. You control it by a toggle switch. Any time you flip the switch, the NAV unit screen displays whatever you have on the second video input.

For Audio, I got one of those USA adapters. It just plugs into your wiring harness and gives you L and R audion jacks.

Now to watch a dvd (assuming you have a dvd player running signal to the adapter), set the radio to RSE (rear seat entertainment), it is one of the sources, this gives you the audio, then flip the toggle switch to display the video... TADAAAAAAAAA

Not as neat or slick as say the Pioneer Z1, but it is factory.

Thanks UK

I thought that's how it would work, hope almostthere got his question answered since he started this :jacked:
Michigan silver and UK,

Thanks..LOL.  I appreciate the feedback.  Seems like a lot of work for the fac to play a dvd.  The toggle switch is easy, but I like the factory custom look.  So I am not really feeling it now that I think about it more.  Probably just spend my money on things like exhaust, K and N air filter, rims etc.
Then maybe I ll work in the DVD player.
Its funny how some models don't come with the rear DVD.  I ve seen a dozen of similar models to my truck and they came with it the rear DVD.  I have the z71 fully loaded LT and it didn't come with it...oh well. Guess me and the ladies will just have to go inside and "watch" movies.
Hey, thanks again fellas.
Good look!!! :laugh:
Yeah, I bought it when I firsty got the truck.

I love the back up cam feature, but not too groovy on the dvd part>>>
I would gladly trade it for an aftermarket system, Z1 cough cough......

I am going with the vci-gm2/AV I'll let you know in about 2 weeks how it is. It comes with a remote control and the backup camera comes on when it goes into reverse. I understand the sound comes though the Av speakers