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Vibration in the hole truck


Full Member
May 1, 2003
Holland, The Haque
my problem is that we have check everything the wheels ,tirers,alignment,driveshaft.steeringshaft the shocks  their is nothing wrong but I stil have the vibration in the hole truck with 100 to 120 km
we have remove thewheels and driveshafts and let the engine run free than you see the transmision shake I think that my problem
My engine have now about 400 hp is their anybody to give advice for upgrading my transmision for that hp
I lke to have more torque power and stronger shiftpoint that can handle the 400 hp
Please some parts and numbers
Avalanche 2003 Z71
Greatings P.J

Does the vibration go away after you go above that speed and does it do it up to that speed or just at that speed?

Have you checked to drive shaft for balance?