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Mar 3, 2002
Lafayette, LA.
Was just checking to see if anyone has added this system to their AV.
I checked GM parts direct 119.00 and the dealer wants 170.00
I picked mine up from a guy on ebay for 50+shipping. He works at a dealership. I have his email if anyone is interested
If anyone has installed did you do it yourself or had dealer install. Dealer told me since it was a GM product and if they install it, it will have a 3year/36000 mile warranty on that part. I am thinking about letting them do it, just for the warranty.
Adds a motion sensor which if some ones leans on it, it will give a warning tone, and if they do it again goes into full alarm. Has 6 tone alarm that comes with it and a few other items to confuse me.........
Just wondering if this is legit or is he taking them from dealership and selling them on ebay, wait till they do inventory?????????? if that is the case.

I think it's always good to let GM handle one of there own just for warranty purposes. If they question you, just tell them you feel better about that particular dealer installing it rather than the one you bought it from.
I may be interested in a smilar system. Can you post the rest of it's stats? Starter kill etc...

I will dig up the paper work on it and list items as requested.
I know this one does not have the auto starter kill on it. The guys at the install shop said they have had trouble with some of those cutting out the starter inadvertently leaving you stuck till you can figure it out, but to me if it is done right............
I emailed the guy and asked him if he was interested in me putting his email address up on the site, waiting for his response.
He is listing them on ebay motors, parts and accessories, avalanche. I just saw one go for 40 plus shipping ???
Oh well i saved a little to pay for the Hella amber fogs ff550 that just got here tonight.
Lets see, fog lights/alarm/visor logos/AV mountain logo for back glass,,,,,,,,,,yep it is going to be a busy weekend. >:D
I have a GM VSC 3400 Alarm System which "the book" says will fit my 2002 1500 4x4 Avy.

The installation manual has several steps where it advises the installer to check for computer error codes during and following the install process -- comments which have me thinking second thoughts about a self-install.

I have done my share of vehicle alarm installs and I'm fairly handy, but can anyone help with advice? How common are error messages being generated during an alarm install on the Avy? If they are generated, what's the harm? The GM instructions seem rather straight-forward for the most part (other than not owning a code-reader for several hundred dollars).

Or should I just pay my Chev dealer shop rate to have it installed? (Ouch!)

Thanks in advance!
Zeeya & DIF,

I have the upgraded alarm that has the motion sensor, siren, vallay switch and an addition LED they mounted on the diver side window pillar that flashes (in the dark the truck looks like a disco ?:p ). ? ?If you got all that for $50.00 that's a steal!

The dealership installed it, about $300 and that was with a 20% CAFCNA discount. ?

Check with TexAVfan, Richard installed his own system that is the same one I have.
Hey Johnny D ;D
I got that one off of ebay came in original box sealed. It is the part number the Chevy house gave me for the add on that fits the Avalanche.
Vendor set me up with his brother in law that works at Service Chevrolet. They have there own customizing shop at the dealership and he advised me to come on over and he would install it for free. Now just to find the time when he has the time.......
I know it has the flashing light and valet switch and siren, not sure what else it has????
This way it is installed at the dealer and I get the 3yr/36,000 mile warranty out of it.......
What are all the upgrades that come with the alarm?

James R. :cool:
FYI ... for all that are interested as I was .... the vsc 3400 will not work on those w/ onstar.
Except for that it looked like a great upgrade.
Good luck,
Orlando, FL 32806
Hey guys, I have this alarm and it seems to be malfunctioning. I press the lock button and it seems to be fine, but about 20 minutes later it starts going off on its own. When I hit the unlock button it beeps 4 times. The kicker is I lost my owners manual. Could one of you help me with this? If you'd like, email me @ yndio@hotmail.com or pm me. Please help as I don't feel comfortable having my alarm like this. Thanks.
BigBlackAv said:
FYI ... for all that are interested as I was .... the vsc 3400 will not work on those w/ onstar.
Except for that it looked like a great upgrade.
Good luck,
Orlando, FL ?32806

Is there a GM alarm that works with OnStar??