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WAAG - FruntRunner


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Jan 24, 2002
Houston, TX
Product Name: WAAG FrontRunner
Manufacturer: WAAG
Information at: http://www.waag.com/
Cost: $309.00 + shipping
Skill Level: Very Easy
Overall Rating: 10.00

This is a very nice "low" grille for the front. Perfect for the Avalanche - leaves the tow hooks accessible. You have to contact them to find a local dealer - shipped quickly.

NB: Get 4 1/2" locking bolts for the towhook brackets [the silver bolts].


I will have more pictures on my site showing the mounting.
Thanks for the info! I look forward to pics. I have been browsing the web looking for extras to put on my Av when I get back (currently deployed for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM). So far I have on my wish-list: WAAG FrontRunner (WG18327), flag bowtie, and some sort of bug shield. Still lurking the lists looking for advice and info on the last...
I don't dislike the WAAG bar, I just like the Westin Bull bar with skid plate in chromed stainless a little better. Put a nice bright white set of PIAA pencil beams and ride on.
Does ANYONE on this forum have the brushguard/bull bar that is on the Av in the Chevy brochure?

I'd LOVE for gmpartsdirect.com to offer it, since their price will be much less than the $500 quoted in the GM accessory brochure.

If anyone has a line on how to get one of those cheaper than list price I would Preciate the NFO.....

Thanks - Laterz :cool:
If you have a 1500 series AV then goto


Part number 12497722

Cost $353.00 plus $84 for shipping.
The unit will ship from Canada. Takes about 7 to 10 days.

NOTE: Will not fix the 2500 series. I know from experience.
Sorry wrong part no.

Part No 12497622
I'm curious, I have the WAAG 3 piece brushguard on the way; can I mount both, or? Hmmmmmmm....

Grandolphxx- Thanks for the info. I like the low profile and plan on going with the Wagg, just hadn't moved on it yet....ready to go now........you don't mind if I steal the stripe brake light too do you?... I dont think anyone will see the two of ours together ;)
Ok, so I am sold on the WAAG frontrunner, just trying to pick a color. I notice that they advertise black and grey. The black looks good, thanks for the picture, gandolphxx, and am leaning that way. Anyone seen the grey? Also have to decide on which bug deflector to get. (Kudos to whoever put to accessory catalog online.) Does anyone have experiences with comparing the two, the soft and the molded plastic? I am guessing that the soft does not do anything for the windshield. Does the plastic one? How easy are they to clean?
:cool:I just got my 2002 av 2 weeks ago and it was funny because the westin bull bar with skid plate that i ordered for my yukon came in the same day. called westin they said they had not tried it on the av's yet, so i took it to work and got the guys to cut 7"s off of the bracket and installed in the spot where my tow hooks were. i will get pictures as soon as i can figure out how to add them in here, new av owner and proud of it. great truck,,,,,,,,oh and after reading some of the other topics after 1500 miles in 2 weeks has not burnt a drop of oil.
WAGG makes a rear bumper gaurd that matches the front and takes 15-mins to install (appox $240)great for mounting extra rear lights also.

This is just a little tidbit about the WAAG Frontrunner:
I bought the frontrunner, and the rear guard about 2 mos., ago, and had some small issues with their product... After all was said and done, I shipped back 3 frontrunners, and one rear guard... The VP of WAAG was so nice about the whole thing, he sent me some free clips for my WAAG Taillight guards, and a T-Shirt ...


From what the VP of WAAG tells me, the frontrunner was "patterned" after the 2500 frame, and when it was designed, it was prototyped on a 2500... There are some spooky issues with the 1500 that after I heard them, I was a little irritated... The VP of WAAG actually toured the plant where the Avs are built, to get a better idea of how they are built, and found that the cladding is sometimes not perfectly centered over the tow hooks... Mine was about 1/2" offset to the left... Now it's not known whether the front fascia is mounted off center, or if the body of the truck is purposefully mounted off-center... This he was told was normal, and this variance is different from truck to truck... Knowing this, the VP of WAAG includes 2 thick metal shims to allow for this... The brackets that the bar mounts to utilize the tow hook holes, and the brackets are pretty stout... I had to bend the passenger side bracket inward about 1/4" and use both shims that are 3/16" thick each.... Even then, the passenger side nuts were contacting and pushing on the cladding, and the driver's side had about 1/2" of clearance and was fine... Cosmetically, you couldn't tell when you stepped back and looked, but just the fact that it mounted up the way it did, bugged me so I removed it... The first 2 frontrunners had dents / scratches from the factory, and that's why they went back ... The rear guard went back because I didn't like the way the brackets "rolled under" the bumper ... It really killed the clearance the av has by about 3" ... They hung down pretty low... I talked to the VP, and he said they design their products as NO DRILL , and sometimes cosmetics/function can be a compromise ...

On a positive note though, I think they have the nicest "built" products as far as build quality, and uniqueness goes...

If you like the front bars, I might suggest the full brush guard, as he said that piece had no mounting issues like the frontrunner...

If you don't ming losing 20-30% of your departure/ascent angles, then the rear guard is superb, and looks totally cool on the av ...

The other benefit to going with the black powdercoat front and rear products, is that it "breaks-up" the over-abundance of grey cladding in those areas ... It really helps take the attention off the cladding ... That's why I did not go with the grey cladding color bars...!!!

Hey All, I have both the frontrunner and the rear guard and did not have a problem one with either. There a little more unique than the norm. Install was about 15min on the front and about 40min on the rear. The rear took longer because the bumper gussett brackets have to be loosened in order to get the bar bracket between it and the frame. Once installed they are very stout and would probably save some cladding heart ache if you were in a mild bumper bender. Just my 2 cents worth if anyone wonders.... oh yeah too, I opted for the grey, it's all personal preferance but I like it... (y)
I like the WAAG better than the GMC. The one from GMC does look nice but isn't very functional. There is no protection for the fog lamps. The lower end of the AVs front is where I am getting in contact with other stuff (at least so far).

Ideally I want a 2" dia. tube wrapped around the leading edges of the cladding - front and rear.