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Wanting to lift and get new wheels


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Feb 2, 2020
2003 Z71, original owner and no mods.  Got the bug to lift it and put new wheels and tires on it.  Looking for recommendations.  Looking at all the data on lifts, back spacing requirements, offset, etc my head status to hurt!


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Jun 4, 2004
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First welcome to the website!
There is a mountain of old threads with info and photos on this site to help you somewhat in your decision. You should take some time to read through them.
There are many areas to decide and you could be opening a can of worms in problems down the road the more from stock you get.....
Do you want a body lift or a suspension lift or both?
More then a couple inches of lift and you will need to change more suspension and possibly steering parts. Probably best to go with a trained shop in 4X4 alterations and if not at least a full lift kit from a reputable company v. Frakensteining pieces together. (The more companies you deal with the more they can place the blame on each other for improper fit/wear or breakage).
Then if you change tire diameter you need to re-calibrate your speedometer and odometer. You may also find some problems with ABS sensors and increased wear to axle components due to more weight of rims and tires and if very larger you may need bigger brakes since you are first gen AV. Going to wider tires increases rolling resistance and may affect you gas mileage as well.
All that can be overcome with enough work, parts and money a lot of what you ask depends on what kind of budget you want to spend on your mods......
Good luck with your decision.