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Ward's Auto Review SLAMS Lincoln Blackwood


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Funny how Car & Driver slammed the Avalanche for not being able to carry cargo and then praises the Lincoln Blackwood. Seems as though you cannot remove the cover on the Blackwood, and Lincoln doesn't recommend driving with the cover open, so if it's taller than 15.9 inches - better call a friend with a Chevy Avalanche!

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Reading this makes me laugh.....

Where is the blackwood today,.....

the avy and EXT are still around....
Literally JUST saw a Lincoln ad on TV advertising FREE THX sound certified DVD player systems in all Lincolns.

THX as OEM -- never throught I'd see the day.

Hello, GM, hello, anyone listening? Daddy like - daddy LIKE!
Just for fun I looked, you can pick up a used blackwood for under $30k that is over $22,000 deprecation in just a year! I never thought they would catch on, and have only seen one in real life. Nothing like the AV!

Well look at the facts:

1) Looked too much like an F-150

2) The "bed" of the truck was useless as a bed and has less cargo space than a Lincoln Towncar. With the carpet and polished aluminum you sure aren't hauling woodchips, EVER.

3) Couldn't take the hard cover off so nothing over 15" tall was going into the bed.

4) Only seated four despite being a crew cab.

5) No 4-WD or AWD - even as an option.

6) Priced higher than the Cadillac EXT

7) Limited ground clearance


Lincoln built a beautiful street truck that was made with car shows in mind. For that purpose it was a wonderful rig, however it just was not practical for day-to-day use, and how the marketing people dropped the ball on that is beyond me. I mean the feedback had to have been negative in the focus groups on usability on the vehicle. Maybe they thought they'd sell on the "oooohhhhhhhhh" and "aaaaahhhhhhhhh" appeal. I mean I have to admit, it was pretty darn plush inside and the trunk, errr, bed, errr what ever you want to call was a sight to see.

But it just wasn't practical. The only thing it really was good for from a truck stand point was pulling a trailer on a ball as long as you didn't exceed tongue weight issues and as long as there weren't more than four people needing a ride (or three and a pet).

It was a good concept - but clearly it was WAY over engineered by the marketing people, like so many other Ford products right now. I mean power folding running boards are nice as well as power folding third seats, but I'd rather have my production and R&D dollars go into getting better mileage and more horsepower out of my engine, or spending a few extra bucks on better interior materials, or a more durable paint process.

For me - those are the things that sell a vehicle - especially when it comes to a vehicle like a truck that I'm going to use and abuse.
One of my co-workers bought one. He only had it 6 months and then traded it off. He didn't like it, needless to say. He complained incessantly about it being a gas hog. He took a beating when he traded it in but he just wanted to get rid of it!

In the end of its production, I believe Lincoln was chopping somewhere around $12k off the sticker to try and get them off dealer lots. Even then they were not selling well.
They should've asked the General for a design ideal on the Blackwood. I see they peeked at the Dodge Ram for the new F-150 design.
Nightshark said:
In the end of its production, I believe Lincoln was chopping somewhere around $12k off the sticker to try and get them off dealer lots. Even then they were not selling well.

i think i have seem them in the mid $40k's around here. i thought it was a nice looking truck. just the deal with the bed being pretty much useless turned me away.
I see some driving around here in Houston, but not a lot. I always figured they were limited production run vehicles. I think they look nice, but are just not my cup-o-margarita. That sucks that u cant remove the cover. I wonder why it has to stay on? Anyone know why u cant drive it with the cover on?
Ya know....I just thought of something. Car and Driver slammed a jeep one time(while I had one of course). I think they just look to see what im driving then slamm it. :8:

Anyways......one of the off road magazines got upset about how they tested it :E: and then ran an article about a Porsche or a Corvette......they talked about how the departure angles sucked, how it got stuck in the first mud hole, couldnt climb a stack of rocks, the lack of clearance and 4wd low and high. they just went on and on about it. It was the funniest thing I think I have ever read. ;D
Only time I've seen one was last week when one cut me off when we went from 2 lanes to 1. Guy flew by me, pulled in front of me and then slammed on the brakes. He didn't keep up with the traffic in front of him, and I wasn't able to pass him for over 5 miles. What an arrogant a$$!
Just looked up the Blackwood, since I have never seen one.

You right about that F-150 look , but I love that tailgate


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