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Warranty Information...


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Jul 3, 2003
Ft. Worth, Tx.
I just wanted to know if anyone have heard that if you ran any rims bigger than 20", that the factory warranty will be void! :8: The saleman told me this when I bought mine, so I was wondering if anyone else has some input on this.

No that is not correct. The item must be proven to have caused a failure to void the warantee and wheels do not. However, that being said, be sure you get the same overall sized tires or get a hypertech or a like item to adjust the tire size to correct the computer and spedo or it will throw everything off and you could have problems. It is simple to do or if you do not go over 20s you can just use lower profile tires to adjust. I have 20s on mind and 285/50 20 goodyears and the speedo is right on the money. Checked it with my Garmin GPS to make sure. Will change the ride a little. some of the guys and gals say their AV rides as good as before but mine is a little stiffer as the sidewalls on the tires are not as deep to take up the bumps. No enough to bother me tho. You can do a lot of things to the AV as long as it does not directly contribuite to the failure. I sell these and have for 23 years and it is really a dealership call so you might talk to the service mgr. Any good dealer will not hastle you and most will be glad to help you. I had a Corsa exhaust put on and that does no void the warantee either. sorry for the long winded reply but I hope it helps. If you need more info e-mail me. :D
Do a search as this has been discussed before
I would to take you guys for response! Could you send me some pics of your Avalanche on the 20's with that tire so I can see how it looks?