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Water In Cab Survey

Where do you stand with your leak?

  • Leaks, not fix yet.

    Votes: 89 90.8%
  • Leaked, replaced midgate seal, now fixed

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • Leaked, above + replaced window seal, now fixed

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Leaked, above + replaced cross bar

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Leaks, not from midgate, not fixed yet.

    Votes: 7 7.1%
  • Leaked, not from midgate, now fixed.

    Votes: 1 1.0%

  • Total voters


I am may be going onto my next "repair" trip for my midgate leak. ?I am going to get GM customer service involved because the dealer said they don't know what else to do. ?If I get a good response to this survey, I want to use it as ammo with GM's CS. ?Please reply, as this will help all of us with leaks. ?Thanks ?:)
Blueruck said:
I didn't vote, because mine has never leaked...
Ditto - well, there were a couple of ounces in there one day, but I later discovered that I hadn't lached down panel #1.

well I got a little in around the doors today -

Maybe this is why ;D
So, are you going to tell us the story behind that?
Blueruck said:
I didn't vote, because mine has never leaked...

well I got a little in around the doors today -

Maybe this is why ?;D
Obviously your door seals are defective, Blue. Better take it in to the dealer! ;D BTW, does anyone make a snorkel for the Av yet? :0:
I didn't vote either. Had a leak a month or so back,(posted it here) but turned out was my fault. Mine was the cross bar not being closed properly. Once closed by removing rear window fix etc... has been fine.

Now that I know the cross bar fits so tightly, I just shut a little harder and have had no problems even with the panels in place. ;D
The leak i had was not listed. the one from the rear fender wells. Took in one time and fixed.
Also one leak as mentioned above when i did not close the midgate hard enough. So far, so good.
Do have small trickles down tailgate at the rear sometimes, but i do not expect the bed to be water tight.
OK - I should have been more clear - Only reply if you have had a leak problem. ? :p

If your leak was not related to the midgate or rear window seal, select "Leaks(ed) not from midgate"
Just bought ours a week ago. Discovered a leak (like the Titanic) over the weekend. Primarily leaks on drivers side around midgate area. Also leaks around the tailgate handle (it was closed firmly and locked). It goes in for the first time today. Also, my rear (3rd) panel seems to sag in the center, which may be causing the tailgate leak. Anyone else notice that? BTW, the site has been great for us new owners! :B:
Hi All...

Well todays the 17th of June and I just dropped my Avy at the dealership to repair the leaks. :D:

My rear window has a large seperation in the middle and I also discovered that the rear drivers side carpet was soaked under the doorsill plate while installing an amplifier.
In addition, I told them that the rear bed is always wet. ( I seldom remove the covers)
We have been having downpours every day for the past week in South Flordia, with no end in sight The wet carpet is starting to smell! :mad:
Also I told them that my lumbar support on the drivers side keeps inflating itself every day and I have to let the air out each morning. Wierd huh ? :rolleyes:

I'll keep you posted on how the dealer does on the leaks.

Blueruck - If you had the climate control in the recirculate position I would definitely take it back to the dealer. If you had it in the "outside water" position then it isn't a warrenty issue.
Mine is leaking, but not from the midgate. I believe the leak is coming from the rear window. The seal is not that great and in some places the gaskets overlap each other causing gaps and in return minor drips into the cab. I have an appointment this monday with the dealer to replace the seals on the window and midgate.

I voted leaks, not midgate - not yet fixed.
PMatt75002, Double-check your 3rd panel. Some reported panel 3 initially as sagging but there is a slight rise to the cladding piece atop the tailgate. This piece gives the appearance of 3rd panel sag. Put a level across your 3rd panel to be sure.

As far as the tailgate handle. As I have been hauling lots from Home Depot lately, when I wash out the bed with the tailgate down water will come out the handle area when it is closed as that water is going into the tailgate from under the top cladding piece or in the sides when washing out the bed.

I have had my truck back 3 times for leaks of the midgate.. the last time 3 gm techs came to the dealer to work on it.. I just got it back fri and it still leaks after the had it for service 2 weeks ?. I have a claim in with gm and will soon have this in for the lemon law. ?I had the smoking start up problem too and after 7000 miles gm put a new motor in my truck.. that is ok but I still have the leaks and I also have the knock that a lot of you are talking about and know one know why.. this site has been a big help. ?I love my truck it drives great but all these problems are a real pain. :6: ?Hope this helps with your claim to gm.. they have been good with us just talks a lot of time and paticence. good luck

update!!! As of today gm is buying my truck back... Can anyone that is not leaking tell me the bulit date of theirs.. that seems to be a key issue.. I am getting another one.. I guess I am just gulton for punishment! :)
I got caught in heavy rains with the panels removed,rear carpet was just a little damp,other than that everything stays dry with covers installed.

No leaks here because all three cargo panels are usually on but if they were off, there would be leaks :rolleyes:. I've checked it before. When I did check, I had to hose it down in the back because it never really rains here because of the drought! :D
Mine never leaked either.

The survey doesn't seem complete without our tallies. You could use it as "ammo" against GM CS as you suggest but I would be careful not to mislead would be buyers into thinking there is a wide-spread leaking issue with our AV's.

Just a thought.
the only leak i have is between the third bed cover panel and the tailgate (i think panel might be sagging). i just havent had time to take it in.
Today is the one-year anniversary of my Avalanche purchase.

One year and 11,850 miles later in chicago weather and no leaks.

I had to throw this new smiley on because, well, just because. :D:
I have discovered a large leak from the ends of the bar that attaches to the top of the midgate and the bottom of the rear window. It seems to only be a problem when the midgate is down. The service department claimed this is normal as the Av isn't water tight but uses a water management system to direct water out of the bed. Anyone else get this explanation from their dealer?
I dropped off my AV today for a few problems, one of them being a leak at the mid-gate. This is the second time I have had my truck in for this problem. The first time I was told it is normal for water to enter the cab and that it is O.K. because the water would be re-directed out of the cab by the tray behind the seat. That was fine. But, it does not seam to do an adequate job of re-directing water. Every time I wash my truck I notice small streams of water passing by the drain tray and heading for the carpet. I worry about the problems this may cause during the winter when there is snow build up and harsh rains. I hope this time the GM techs will be able to cure it.