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wax on plastic fender flares

:welcome: to the club, enjoy, the answer to your question lies in a jar of peanut butter!

:welcome: to the club RB Ditchbanger as strange as it sounds Didit is right, I never tried peanut butter but I hear it works great, what part of Michigan are you from, we are having a get together this weekend in Owosso  (check the Michigan forum) come join us. Good friends and family friendly. 

Here's a link
GTG in owosso
look for thread in this section on cleaning CLADDING of wax
so... you grab a lawn chair and a peanut butter sandwich and watch the kids scrub the cladding ... right???  :laugh:

I have to agree with the others... Peanut butter cleans wax off cladding
Thats why I love the Turtle wax Ice. No staining of plastic  :love:
  i use some detail spray and a rag to get it off mine.  sometimes a toohbrush instead of the rag if it is too bad.
A good thing in the future, mask off the area before you wax, just a few seconds prevent this from happening again.