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Weels Rotation ???



I just reached ?15,000 miles on my AV.......
I took it to Jiffy Lube to change the oils.....
What is Rotation ? and is it a "must"?.......
And do they have to inspect my Brakes ?..
Anything else at 15K ??? ?:2:
I realy need your opinions ----- U are the best - - Just the fact that u own an AV makes u a better person !! ?:love:
Well, I rotate my tires [wheels too ?;)] ever 6,000 miles. ?I take the front and cross to the back and bring the back straight forward. ?

There is a section in your manual to describe the process.


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I rotate mine front to back, same side every 5K miles.
Evens out the wear.

Vetman said:
I rotate mine front to back, same side every 5K miles.
Evens out the wear.


I guess it depends on the type of tires. I have been told (on this board) that the 4x4s with their more off roadish tire will develop cupping that is corrected by the crossing the fronts to the back.
Gotta go with Bruno. ?I was a GM in a tire store for many years and the manufacturers even like the front-crossed-to-back, rears straight up, rotation and recommend approximately 6-7k intervals. Some tire stores will do just front to back 'cause it's easier. ?I figure, if Michelin, BFG, Goodyear, and Firestone/Bridgestone all agreed on the best way to do it, it was in my interest to listen and do. ?There are exceptions; however, but the AV is certainly not (either in 2wd or 4wd) one of them.

My .02 ? ;D ;D
The generally accepted procedure for tire rotation is every 5 to 7 k miles, cross to the "driven" wheels, straight with the others. That is on an Av, cross from front to back, straight from back to front. On a Honda Accord, (for instance), since it is a front wheel drive car, cross to the front, straight to the back. All wheel drive, beats me. :cautious: