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Went To The Dealership for midgate window


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May 22, 2002
Eureka, MO
I went in today for an oil change, tire rotation and to get my rear window replaced.

While I was waiting I went out and checked out the Avalanches on the lot just to see what was out there. I noticed a few things that I hadn't before.

First of all, all of the Avalanches had pin striping that ran the length of the body on both sides start at the hood and running all the way back. It had a small stripe with a thicker stripe next to it. It was a light grey color and was really hard to notice... unless you were looking you wouldn't have noticed it, but it looked nice.

They also had some 2500's which I hadn't seen before. They had an Avalanche 2500 molded into the cladding and also had a thin piece of cladding at the top of the front wheel well.

Also noticed that almost all of the AV's had cloth seating. When I bought mine (10/01) every one I looked at except for one or two had leather. Also a majority had the tan interior now too (didn't see any with tan when I bought mine).

So anyway, I get done looking and head back to the service area. One of the sales vultures... errr I mean persons that I had seen before and knew I was there for service stopped me and said that she saw me out there looking and asked if I was interested in trading mine in. ?????? Why would I trade in an 8 month old Avalanche for one just like it? I told her I had a 20 year loan so I'd have to keep it for awhile. :)

Finally my Avalanche gets done and the first thing I do is check out the rear window. It was one of the newer windows (most easily noted by the number 2 in the top right corner) and it was tinted like I had, but it didn't look like as dark of a tint. It can't be a major difference, or maybe it's just me. If it's different, it's only off by just a little bit, but it does look lighter.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed anything like this or if there's anyway I can tell by the numbers on the window. I wrote down the numbers on the old window before hand and they are slightly different but I think that's just because it's an updated window. My service advisor said that there's only one tint and it should be the correct one.

I wanted to check on here and see if anyone had any input before I put my $50 worth of graffiti onto the window. :)



Ya know, now that you mention it, I thought the same thing. I saw that the new window was dark so I figured it was just me. It does look a tad lighter than the original though.
Well...don't know how to break this to you gently but your dealer is full of horse_ _ _ _! .....just like mine is :8:

There are two different rear window part numbers that are available for replacement of the "cracked window" syndrome. One is tinted, part no. 9343995.....and one is un-tinted, part no. 9343994.

Guess you can figure out by now that I am speaking from experience! :8:

Still waiting for my tinted window after my dealer tried to pawn the un-tinted version off on me and told me that this was the only one available. When I called their bluff, they said we will check into it and call me back. Next day they call and said that the tinted window wasn't available when they first ordered mine - but lo and behold....now it is! Yeah right! :8:

When I first took it into them, I told them to be sure they ordered the tinted window for replacement. My service rep said, "NO PROBLEM, when we enter the VIN number it orders the correct one for you!"

So.......several weeks later and I am still waiting for my tinted window. I wonder if they expect that I will wait another two hours in their waiting room for them to put in the correct window! NOT!! :8: :8:

Good Luck...don't let them get away with the BS!

BTW, the "untinted" window they put in for you has a soft-ray tint to it like the rest of our glass but it is in no way "tinted" like the correct rear window that they took out! Check out some others on the lot and you will see what I mean!
They pulled the same thing on me with the first window I broke. They said the computer said I was supposed to have an untinted window so that's what they gave me. I picked it up when it was dark out so I didn't notice it right away, but sure noticed it the next day.

I took it back the next day and raised a fuss and talked the the service manager and he went and pulled a tinted window out of the trucks on the lot and had it put in.

This new window I got today is clearly tinted. And it's an updated window design over the one I had. However the tint doesn't look quite as deep as the old one. It's not off by much but it does look lighter.

You may want to go back to your dealer and insist on talking to the service manager and he can take care of it for you. Just state your problem, stay calm, and keep at it until they do the right thing.

Actually, they got the right window the first time. (y) I't dark tinted and has the 2 on it. It just seems to be a shade lighter than the old one I had. Maybe it's just me. BTW, it only took my dealer about a week to get my replacement window in.